Thursday, April 14, 2016

Retail stories and I hurt my hand.

So I was speaking to Osaka this evening after school, and was reminded of a funny/weird story from when I was working at Target. I was working on the Sales Floor and a customer approached me and asked "Do you carry of that faggy yogurt?"

To which I responded, "Excuse me?" and he continued, pulling out his phone and looking at a list "You know, FAGGY, F-A-G-E. The greek yogurt."

blinked and smiled and asked "Fage? (pronounced fah-yay, as the commercials do) Yes we carry that brand." The customer visibly wilted, and looked kind of embarrassed and unsure at the same time, and he asked if I could please show him where it was, which I did.

So that happened which I was reminded of from a recent Fage commercial where they REALLY enunciated it FAH-YAY.

Then I accidentally dislocated my right thumb. I fixed it, but I didn't realize I was hyper extending it (I was trying to gently stretch it, my whole hand is/was swollen from temperature change) until I felt a weird tickle on my arm, which turned out to be my dislocated thumb. I IMMEDIATELY started massaging the joints (I'm double-jointed and used to hyper flexibility) trying to figure out which joint I had messed up, and comparing it to my left thumb, and after a moment it made an audible pop as the tendons snapped back into place, and it swelled up.

This is especially aggravating as I was already wearing my compression gloves, which I thought offered slightly more protection, but apparently they don't protect against not paying attention and dislocating your thumb because high pain tolerance meets hyper-mobility. So..

I can't take more ibuprofen yet, and iced my hand instead, which hurt like hell and I have bruises developing on the palm of my hand and also on the back of my hand where the tendons snapped back. It hurts.

I would like very much to brace or splint it to prevent further damage but I'm pretty sure an ace bandage would cause more soft tissue damage, and I don't have a wrist brace that offers thumb support where the thumb joins the hand. Cause that is the joint I dislocated. I can't recommend it.

Also I noticed that the tips of my fingers are beginning to be shaped oddly, like the joints are twisting or something. So that's something to keep an eye on..

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