Thursday, May 28, 2015

Luts Summer Event 2015

So, I'm not in position to do a Luts order myself but I am VERY interested in the Kid Delf Summer Event head. If anyone is or was planning on placing an order and is not interested in the head please let me know. I'd be happy to discuss the details of a trade or agreement.

Just throwing this out there, since many of my friends do end up ordering somewhat regularly from Luts and may be getting one of these heads with no interest in it. :)

Thanks guys!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Re-Introducing Ro!

Ro is properly put together again. He has a beautiful fresh faceup from Osaka, and a beautiful new body, a classic white skin Bluefairy Tinyfairy boy body. It's the slightly more mature look I wanted for him (compared to the original DOC body) that was NOT what I got with the Dollmore body I tried in 2007, which he sat on until the end of 2014 when I popped him off that and put the body up for sale or trade.

I will need to dig in the closet later this week or early next week to get out HIS wardrobe which is separate from the rest of the MSD clothes, and will need to shift some things and give him a dedicated wardrobe/chest.

All said, I'm very pleased to have him back together, and I seem to have misplaced (or re-purposed) the eyes I had in him, so I will be ordering him some new light grey eyes from Mint on Card in glass. I've got 14mm eyes in him and am liking the look compared to the 16mm eyes he's worn for YEARS.

Ro will be 10 on August 29th. It does my soul good to have him in one piece again with a beautiful fresh face, a beautiful more mature body (not too slim, not too tall), and still so much love for him after all these years.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

It's not even Wednesday.

I had a really oddly paced work day which ended just.. not well. Nothing in particular went wrong, it just.. really sucked. I went in to work in a pretty good mood, the weather was nice, my MP3 player was cooperating with me and playing songs I liked (which reminds me, I need to charge it), and when I got to work I had time to sit and rest from walking to work since the buses don't run on Sundays here.

Then we were SLAMMED (first nice day in weeks, shortly after military AND civilian paydays), my lunch was ridiculously early in my shift because of coverage problems, I ended up tearing up my index finger at the end of my lunch, got heat sick and nauseous and spent the last 5 1/2 hours of my shift trying not to throw up and remember to smile and be careful counting change. I could not take anything for my increasing pain because of nausea. I had a panic attack AND an asthma attack, and we still didn't have coverage so I couldn't even ASK for a break to try and recover.

Then the person who offered days ago, to give me a lift home from work today swung by out of nowhere like an hour before I was scheduled to get off and told me they were leaving early and couldn't give me a ride, which was just too much on top of over-stimulation. I think I just said "Okay." and then I quietly asked the cashier working next to me when they left, and since they left at the same time, asked if they would mind dropping me home after. They were nice enough to do so.

Then when we did leave I came in the door radiating ANGRY and howling in pain and confused/distressed my roommates, much to our combined frustration. I HAVE apologized, and am attempting to decompress and act like a normal human being. I am so FUCKING done.

No spoons. Probably no spoons for tomorrow either. I'm hoping to recover some spoons with dinner which Osaka kindly went and fetched, so that I can go out tomorrow and get my hair cut, and maybe do some light shopping.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vivid Dreams

I had what I think was an interesting vivid dream this afternoon. I was trying to nap off the worst of a several day long migraine since I was home and could.

The beginning as I can discern it, I was in the ocean, or I was the ocean, though as a young girl, not myself. There was a boy there, and he asked, "What is your favorite thing in the world?" In the darkness I responded "A Lemon." Perplexed, he asked "What use has the ocean for a lemon?" but I was slipping further into the darkness, and could only repeat "A lemon" in the dream-sleep voice of a young girl.

Then I (in dream)woke, and re-oriented myself with my surroundings. A small room piled high with papers and books, sketchings of people tacked up on the wall, with names scribbled beneath them. This was all from the adventures of an elder sister or mother (I couldn't make sense of the familial connection once awake) with my father. Memories from another world. Names, faces, detailed written notes and journals full of adventures over seas, in never-heard of kingdoms of another world, loyal friends, terrifying battles, all archived in the fragile stacks of paper littering the room. There was a small wooden door on heavy iron hinges, and a single tiny round window in the stone wall with light shining in, above eye level for me.

I didn't have long to sit and wake up before the door opened and my father came into the room speaking excitedly. He'd had a vision-dream and it was time for us to go and have an adventure. He looked old, and sick, and I had the impression that he had a terminal disease and was trying to escape death with fantasy. Even so, I wanted to play along, give him a moment of happiness so I asked him what to do.

He grabbed my hands and started speaking quickly, too quickly for me to make sense of anything, but he pushed my hand against the wall, and told me to make a door. Confused, but wanting to please I focused on my hand and was amazed to see golden light shine from my palm and spread out across the wall to form an arched door, which flashed brightly. Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped, and there was an old looking wooden door with carvings covering every inch of it.

Father hugged me tight and called me a good girl. He said he would be a King and I would be his steward, as he dug in a bag and pulled free a golden staff topped with a mysterious purple stone which he handed to me, and placed a golden headpiece of some intricate weaving on his own head. Right after he did this he pulled the door open and we went through. I remember being amazed and confused, and hoping that he knew what he was doing because I didn't know how to use this magic or what it would do.

On the other side we were in a bustling city, not modern (but neither had the room we came from been) white stone, the ocean in the background. Father drunk it in, and as he did he began to look confused and then angry. He turned to me and asked what I had done. I remember feeling his thoughts and my own in sync, his full of wonder, then listening to the music of the foreign language around us, and then taste of the air, and noting a definite "Italian" feel to the language and land. More than had been there in his previous travels. It felt Not Right. The young girl me was just stunned, and distracted by realizing the door we'd come through was gone when he turned to her to ask what she had done.

I remember staring in confusion and saying that I didn't know. I had displeased him somehow but I didn't know how, as he'd just been praising me for making a door. He dragged me around the town making inquiries in the native language, with a slight accent. I could understand him, and the people around us, but I was aware that we were not speaking in our native tongue, and I had no understanding of why we could speak or understand it.

Finally thoughts in sync but separate again, he determined that Something had happened with ships, and not just locally but throughout the known sea. Determined, but without explaining to me, he pulled me down to the shore and told me we needed to go out to sea.

I remember at that point shape-shifting to a large whale first, something large and easy for Father to sit upon because I feared the excitement and confusion was going to make him sicker. Then after awhile I began to tire, trying to use a foreign body that was so large and took so much energy to move. So, I switched to a Dolphin, and suddenly was greeted with hostility from all the natural fauna. Fish that swam by made scandalized noises at me and asked me how I could do such a thing to the Men of the world. I couldn't speak back to them, and I remained confused and in awe, and decided that being a Dolphin in this ocean seemed like a really bad idea, so I took the form of a Narwhal, hoping that a large mythical creature would be easier to maintain and garner less hostility.

Immediately we were set upon by a ship, the only one we had seen our entire time in this world and just before they threw their harpoons at me I spoke in their tongue, calling out to a face I recognized from the sketchings on the wall of the room from my own world. "Lazzaro" I said, and there was a flurry of activity.

A pale man made his way down to the edge of the ship and pulled my father aboard as I shifted back to a human shaped thing to discover to my horror that with each time I had shifted, my human form began to change. I had noticed the little nubs of spiky horns when I'd gone from Whale to Dolphin (being Human briefly between) but hadn't registered it beyond wondering what it meant before focusing on taking another form quickly so Father didn't have to wear himself out trying to swim. Now the little spikes of horns were much larger and my skin was taking on an unreal quality, very luminescent. 

The man clasped hands with Father and they spoke excitedly and it became apparent this was the very man from the sketchings I had studied. I felt a pang of jealousy, and of fear. I didn't know this world, and I felt like I didn't know my father at all.

As I sat shivering in a puddle, ignored by all but one sailor who draped a blanket over my shoulders I listened to Father speak with his old friend, and learned that Lazzaro and another man whose name I didn't hear was also an old companion and they had gone on an epic journey in my father's youth with my sister(?). They remarked that he was much aged and he said something of time between worlds being erratic.

The man that had put the blanket over my shoulders was speaking to me, and I tried to respond but my accent was very thick, and after a surprised look and his accent changing, I realized I'd spoken in a different language altogether, which only led to more inner confusion. He asked what I knew of my father's travels, and I struggled to explain that I knew only what had been written and drawn in the journals that littered our home.

This man explained that suddenly the dolphins who had always been friend to sailors had begun to bring ships down into the deep unless they had upon them a cargo of lemon. Given that this fruit was incredibly rare, many had been lost, and few dared go out on the ocean. He eyed my horns and my tiny form, and asked me plainly what I knew of lemons. I tried to answer, but instead of words, retched, and a lemon fell from my mouth onto the deck.

In a moment that made little sense in dream or awake the man grasped the fruit and raised it high above his head proclaiming that our journey was safe.

I woke up for real at that point and sat thinking and trying to process this incredibly vivid dream. I told what I could remember to Osaka because it seemed really interesting at the time.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Introducing Owen Sebastian, brother to Simon Oliver and Lorelei.

HOLY COW. I have NEVER had a doll arrive to me so fast. I got a shipping notice for Crobidoll Tori on I think the 21st, but couldn't track it yet as the package didn't show actually being picked up until the 22nd. I checked the tracking number yesterday and it had a flight number but showed nothing in regards to it reaching US or ANYTHING. No info at all, like it was in limbo in flight.

Osaka sent me a text today that he had arrived. I initially was confused, since she had also been expecting a package but no it was in fact from Crobidoll.

I had asked on their Q&A board on the 19th if they knew when he might ship (knowing that I could still have a week or two to wait) and they responded,

this is BJD CROBI :D

Thank you for your long waitig for Tori.

All BJD CROBI's doll orders will be produced after your order/payment confirmed and it will take about 40~50 business days including makeup (except holidays/weekends), please.

For your Tori, it's been about 35 business days sinceo your order confirmed and it's finished earlier than usual and it will be sent in this week.
Wait a little bit more for your shipping information, please!
We will do our best to finish and send your order asap. :)

Thank you very much :D
Have a good day again ^-^//

If there are any other questions, ask them on Q&A board or email, please :)
We hope your happy days with BJD CROBI~ ^-^*

Always we appreciate your big supports and loves for BJD CROBI >_<

Best regards,

Not quite what I was expecting, but this was my first transaction with them, so I don't really know what I was expecting.

So yeah that was a pleasant surprise. I got home and Osaka was out with her son, so I had complete quiet to open him up at my leisure. I took photos. :)

First I got Simon Oliver out to be there to greet his brother.

Some kind of facial tissue? The photos are cute.

Some beautiful postcards of some of their other dolls.

A Christmas Card.

A REALLY cute Crobidoll BJD calender with gorgeous photos on one side, and the month on the other.

In the box that black booklet was a basic owner's manual with a stringing guide, and advice for first time owners of BJD. This particular image made me giggle pretty hard.

My FIRST Certificate of Authenticity under this legal name.

I was surprised, I didn't realize the body wasn't gendered!

Tiny little hands!

And faceup! It's so perfect.

Little standy man, steady as a rock.

And with his brother in his wig.

At this point I realized the clothing wasn't going to work for him long-term. He's a little beanpole and the waistband is comically large.

His intended eyes.

After some wigstop and re-dressed.

One with Lorelei and Simon, both of his half-siblings.

One of Simon and Lorelei.

And just Owen, all put together and perfect.

Now I need to figure out exactly what sort of clothes I need to make for him. The TTYA stuff will do for the moment but it won't work long-term.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Doll Arrival Dates

I realized last night as I was falling asleep that I had forgotten to post about two heads that I have acquired. Firstly, I purchased a (White Skin) Kid Delf Winter 2014 head for a steal, thinking to use it for a Pokemon Trainer, and then I received a Kid Delf Summer 2014 head from a good friend (same sculpt as Crunchy) for the same use.

I tend to look to Livejournal when I go back to remember WHEN I got dolls so I've poked my paypal info and guesstimated that the white head was received March 30th, according to the feedback that I left for the seller. The second summer head (also normal skin) arrived Monday, April 20th from my friend, the same day as a White Skin Bluefairy boy body that I purchased in the hopes that it would match Ro.

That was a total shot in the dark but the match is not terrible and with faceup I think it will do quite well. Bluefairy WS seems pinky and rich in tone, not the greyish paperwhite of the Luts head, or luminous white of my Soom Shale.

So Winter KDF 2014 head on March 30, 2015, Summer KDF 2014 head (the second) on April 20th, 2015, and Ro's final body, a Bluefairy Tinyfairy white boy body, also on April 20th.

In addition, my Crobidoll Tori has shipped so I should be able to archive his arrival date soon, and have my special brothers united in resin. Simon Oliver Valentine, and Owen Sebastian Valentine.

I also finally sold/traded off my Dollmore body, for a parcel of wigs, eyes, and clothes, and Avery has gotten a nice black vest, and some white pants that seem to fit well that I could use as the basis of a pattern.

I am pleased and have put the majority of the boxes I was hoarding into recycling since I've sold everything I plan to sell. I am debating re-homing my Souldoll Asiter because as lovely as he is, I want him on the old Souldoll body, and those come up SO rarely. I've just done a huge bout of selling though and I want to stay out of the marketplace and out of trouble.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Avery Photos

I realized that I've not taken photos of Avery since I changed his wig. So, I have taken some kind of crappy photos of him.

Though it appears now that I will need to find another new wig. I wish I could figure out what Avery wants. I've spent more on him in wigs than I have on clothes, shoes, or other items for any other single doll, including Ichigo who is extremely spoiled.

I also need to get or make some nicely fitted trousers and shoes. At the moment he is wearing newborn slippers. I call them his house shoes.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Properly Introducing Crunchy! Also October gets optional hands.

Today (Wednesday) has been eventful. I ended up falling asleep on the sofa with a migraine after taking my morning medicine, and woke up disoriented when my Luts order arrived midday. I only got the shipping notice two nights ago so I was confused and a bit disbelieving.

So after a bit I went on Skype with Steve and opened the box. Luts has apparently switched to vacuum sealed bags around the pillows which I was not expecting, and the body looked hilarious initially with a foam block over the neck for protection and the hands stuffed into foam cubes, also for protection.

In addition to the Kid Delf body, I ordered some neck donuts, two pairs of Tiny Delf hands for October, and a pair of black eyelashes because we always need eyelashes. The first thing I did was actually play with October and the new hands and found to my delight that with fist hands he CAN wear the shirts I purchased from FunnyLori's Etsy shop, Unstrung Hero BJD. I can not recommend her enough. Excellent quality clothes and wigs, and fantastic customer service. :)

He's supposed to look like Success Baby with his little fist up triumphantly.

His little arms keep popping up, but that seem to do that regardless of what he wears so I'm not attributing that to the fit of the shirt(s).

I also took some photos of my Volks MSD with Ringo's Volks Ken for the Den of Angels Volks MSD discussion thread.

We did a few photos of them having a lunch but the photos looked a bit.. disorganized so only the group shots made the cut.

Und finally, I reveal what this post is supposed to be about! Osaka/Allister did up Crunchy's face for me this evening and I think it turned out beautifully. She's been meaning to paint him up for me for days but there have been weather issues and kid drama and other just.. not conducive to painting things, but now it's done! :D


Best friends re-united in resin form! :D

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