Monday, April 13, 2015

Avery Photos

I realized that I've not taken photos of Avery since I changed his wig. So, I have taken some kind of crappy photos of him.

Though it appears now that I will need to find another new wig. I wish I could figure out what Avery wants. I've spent more on him in wigs than I have on clothes, shoes, or other items for any other single doll, including Ichigo who is extremely spoiled.

I also need to get or make some nicely fitted trousers and shoes. At the moment he is wearing newborn slippers. I call them his house shoes.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Properly Introducing Crunchy! Also October gets optional hands.

Today (Wednesday) has been eventful. I ended up falling asleep on the sofa with a migraine after taking my morning medicine, and woke up disoriented when my Luts order arrived midday. I only got the shipping notice two nights ago so I was confused and a bit disbelieving.

So after a bit I went on Skype with Steve and opened the box. Luts has apparently switched to vacuum sealed bags around the pillows which I was not expecting, and the body looked hilarious initially with a foam block over the neck for protection and the hands stuffed into foam cubes, also for protection.

In addition to the Kid Delf body, I ordered some neck donuts, two pairs of Tiny Delf hands for October, and a pair of black eyelashes because we always need eyelashes. The first thing I did was actually play with October and the new hands and found to my delight that with fist hands he CAN wear the shirts I purchased from FunnyLori's Etsy shop, Unstrung Hero BJD. I can not recommend her enough. Excellent quality clothes and wigs, and fantastic customer service. :)

He's supposed to look like Success Baby with his little fist up triumphantly.

His little arms keep popping up, but that seem to do that regardless of what he wears so I'm not attributing that to the fit of the shirt(s).

I also took some photos of my Volks MSD with Ringo's Volks Ken for the Den of Angels Volks MSD discussion thread.

We did a few photos of them having a lunch but the photos looked a bit.. disorganized so only the group shots made the cut.

Und finally, I reveal what this post is supposed to be about! Osaka/Allister did up Crunchy's face for me this evening and I think it turned out beautifully. She's been meaning to paint him up for me for days but there have been weather issues and kid drama and other just.. not conducive to painting things, but now it's done! :D


Best friends re-united in resin form! :D

Friday, April 3, 2015

Always adjusting to something.

I didn't mean to leave anyone hanging with my last entry. I did get through orientation with a minimum of fuss. Most of orientation was emphasis on safety, and then emphasis on anti-theft maneuvers and what exactly the policies are on how we can prevent shoplifting etc.

I wish I was kidding when I say that about 2 and 1/2 hours of the 4 hour orientation was about how there are cameras everywhere any the company spends quite a bit of money and man hours pouring over camera footage and keeping an eye on employees and customers alike. The gist of it was "Please do not steal from us, because will catch you, and it really is not worth $20,000+ in legal fees and restitution plus never being able to find retail work again, for maybe $200 from the cash register or in merchandise."

They also repeated a mantra through out, of forget everything you think you know about retail because we really do things differently and you will save yourself a bunch of headache if you just start fresh.

Today (Friday) I have my computer training, and then I guess tomorrow is my first day out on the floor. I won't know for certain until I see what all there is do be done today. I'm not overly concerned, about spending much of the day at the computer, since I've done that with other jobs, and it's pretty much par for the course.

In non-job stuff, I'm out of my migraine medicine, and have been for about a week, so I will be running to my Dr office after work to pick up the script, and see if I can get it filled right there at the Target. I expect to have migraines as I adjust to the new job, new schedule, new sleeping patterns etc. Though I suppose I just expect to have migraines because they are a pretty regular occurrence anymore.

In doll related stuff, I did get the eyes sent back to Dollmore on Wednesday finally. Stuff was weird and busy leading up to my orientation at work. They have confirmed receipt of the information and will refund me for the 2 pairs I sent back (I kept the purple pair after heavy consideration, since I can not find a replacement pair anywhere) plus the cost of shipping.

My Crobidoll and Luts Orders should ship any day now. So I will have Owen (complete with faceup) and Crunchy's body. I also picked up a Kid Delf Winter 2014 head for a steal in white skin to possibly by my Pokemon Trainer doll.

Then last night I was poking in the marketplace and found what might be the perfect body for Ro. If it works out he'll be whole again before he turns 10. If it doesn't, I have other heads that could probably work on the body. I wasn't expecting to find anything, just kind of poking and seeing what was out there. It feels right though so if I can, I will pursue this.

My sleep cycle is really messed up. I've gotten used to having an afternoon nap when Osaka puts the kids down for their nap, and that's going to be hard to give up. I am so thankful to have work though.

I've been playing lots of Pokemon. I got Alpha Sapphire for Christmas, and then picked up Omega Ruby with an e-gift card, and now I'm playing through Y (which I bought with X but never played through) trying to get a feel for how I want to do my Pokemon Trainer BJD.

I've also decided to make some permanent changes to my diet to improve my health. I've come to realize that the lithium did long term damage to my liver and kidneys as well as my thyroid, so I am attempting to adjust my diet and exercise to make things easier on them. I'm trying to cut down and eventually out my soda intake, and I'm also trying to cut out the junk food. No more bags of chips for snacking, and I need to be better about planning meals and having healthy things on hand that I can eat quickly. I'm a grazer, and I think I always have been. I feel better having many smaller meals or snacks than I do having a HUGE meal.

I got into the habit of eating crap all the time because I felt like crap anyway so it seemed like there was no point in trying to eat well. Now I'm trying to break those habits. I've given up soda before, and junk food too. I just need to make it stick. So I don't buy it. Limit my sweets. Limit my salt intake. Don't eat fast food at all (or very very rarely), and try to keep healthy snacking stuff in the apartment. Osaka is on board and will do what she can to help. The hard part is going to be figuring out how and what to eat while at work. I will need to eat to keep my blood sugar up, but I'm not sure how best to pack a healthy meal that I can eat quickly. It will probably require experimentation.

Anyway that's all that's going on with me. Trying to make healthier choices, trying to adjust to the new job, and dolls and video games.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


I'm anxious, nervous and excited. So much so that I'm nauseous which could either be my migraine returning with a vengence, hunger, or.. actual nausea. Stress makes my insides to unhappy things.

In positive news I've gotten several calls for 1st interviews in the past couple of weeks, and one of those resulted in an actual job offer (at Lowe's), confirmed yesterday when my pending drug results came in. I expected to fail the drug test because of some of my medications and told my interviewer so. She pushed back my start date (to Tuesday the 31st), just in case that did happen, so that I could coordinate with my doctor's office and the drug test office, but it ended up being unnecessary.

So, now I am a bundle of nerves. I've stayed up all night reading threads on Den of Angels and trying not to be flung in either direction (MANIC SPENDY or anxious depression). It's easy not to be spendy when I don't yet have a paycheck to blow. On the other hand catching up in the Volks MSD, Luts Kid Delf, and Bluefairy Tinyfairy discussion threads with all of the beautiful owner pictures has lengthened my extended wishlist somewhat.

One of the heads I want was the Luts 2014 winter event kid delf head.. which there are two of on the marketplace for $50 and $55 shipped in the US respectively. I could theoretically swing that if I were working already, and I think it would work better than all the heads I was poking at to be my Pokemon trainer kid. I believe this is the Unicef donation head that Luts had up. I will want Osaka to look at the heads to confirm, but I think this is the case, and I saw a couple of them with faceups on bodies in the Kid Delf discussion thread and it is the right sort of young looking cutie to be a fresh faced pokemon trainer.

I'm wanting to get out with Osaka today but I don't have specific plans in mind. I think we will wait and see what the weather brings. x_x I was going to go to the post office to send off the eyes back to Dollmore but I think I would rather do that on Monday to keep myself occupied for part of the day.

I don't think I posted about it hear, but my Dollmore order arrived and while some of it was absolutely as expected, all of the eyes were.. not damaged per se, but not up to snuff. I had ordered two pairs of identical black eyes, one pair for Osaka, and one pair for myself, and also the dark purple eyes for Crunchy. Of the four black eyes, no two were alike. They were all roughly 16mm, but the iris size, dome shape, and even intensity of color varied too much to have even one matched pair. Crunchy's eyes have a defect at the edge of one of the irises, and the whites look marbled (same as the black eyes). I've tried the eyes in his head, and it's possible with care to hide the defect but I'm not happy about it. I looked around to a bunch of different sites and no one makes anything remotely close to what I wanted for him so.. I'll be keeping that pair defect and all, but not happily.

Dollmore has been great about it, but I'm not in a hurry to cut short a day out with my best friend with work starting back up, so I'd rather mail the eyes back to Korea on Monday partially to distract myself.

I expect I will be an anxious mess until Tuesday afternoon when I have orientation. It's supposed to last four hours according to the person who interviewed me. I miss working, and I'm so tired of looking for work, and this feels like a good move but I'm so damned nervous. I don't want to screw it up, and I'd like to do well enough to be offered a more permanent position when the seasonal position is up, but I'm worried because I thought I had worked well for Target and they let me go.

On the positive side, the seasonal position is supposed to end first of August so, in theory if I do things correctly I could start fall classes at college when this ends, even if they decide to keep me, because my hours would be cut after the seasonal period.

I am all nerves. I need to see when I can start wearing shorts seasonally according to dress code, and trim or hem up my jeans since dress code says no distressed bits, and the bottoms of my jeans are ragged. I can wear jeans and a t-shirt, or khakis, or whatever as long as it looks neat.

I need better habits for calming myself. =_=;;

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


If one more person posts a "Holistic cure" for mental illness, migraines, etc, I think I am going to scream and go off on them.

Yes eating healthy and exercise are fantastic for health, both physical and mental. No, lemon juice and salt will not CURE MY MIGRAINE. I do not take medicine for fun. Yes migraine meds make me feel like crap. You know what feels worse? An honest-to-god migraine.

I think that people trying to cure migraines with lemon juice and salt have never had anything other than a severe headache. I would rather bash my head against the wall than take meds if I can avoid it, but I am on medication for a reason. It WORKS.

There is no CURE for migraines. There is no CURE for Bi-Polar disorder. There are treatments. NOT CURES. STOP IT.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Properly Introducing Joey! (Also stupid Gundam photos)

Osaka was able to get Joey painted up for me on I think Friday night? I am so pleased with the results.

I also finished up my BearGGuy Gundam kits and decided to do a silly photostory.

Orion - Batchix Machina Gamma
October - Luts Tiny Delf Alice
Joey - Asleep Eidolon Spearmint

I just kind of took a bunch of pictures without any dialogue in mind. So.. fill in the blanks I suppose. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Knitting update with photos. :D

I've been knitting! Some blatantly doll stuff, some less blatantly doll stuff.

First in order of completion, I made a beautiful (if I do say so myself) reddish scarf for Ed. This was my first project using a waffle knit stitch pattern and I really like it. I might go this route for a full sized Rory-scarf at some point.

Ed still needs some black trousers and a shirt like this in black (and a better faceup) but the scarf is ACES. He seems quite pleased and I love how it looks and fits him.

Second I made a pair of hand warmers for Crunchy, whose body is incoming. In transit are his eyes, wig, a basic outfit, and a pair of tennis shoes, and his body is on order from Luts. He will be ready to go just as soon as he has a faceup, which can be done just as soon as his wig and eyelashes arrive in the Dollmore order that is currently in transit.

Crunchy's mitts are modeled by Zephi, with whom he shares hand size and sculpt. They will be on the exact same body, in different skin tones. The mitts also match the scarf that I made for Jessie (Narsha) when she lived with me. I just need to figure out where put that scarf. I think it's in the closet with a bunch of the MSD scaled props.

Then I made a series of squares with the intent of making Robbie a knitted blanket/quilt/something.

I started with one titled: All My Exes Live in Texas:

'Cause they do. Even ones I dated that used to live elsewhere, live in Texas now. It's like MAGIC. 8D

R is for Robbie (or Rory) it's good enough for me!

And with this I was aiming for a pop of color but what I got was OH GEEZ I'M BLIND, so I will need to make a few more bright squares to balance it out. It's supposed to be cat paw prints but I think it looks like a Trans Bear Pride flag. :P

The colors aren't quite right for either so I'm sticking with CATS YAY! BRIGHT COLORS YAY! Plus neither of those descriptions suit Robbie (his character is neither Trans nor a Bear).

I have been working on a Dragon square for the blanket for about a week but I got about maybe a fifth into it and realized it was for one, oversized, by far too much to fudge, and two, that I didn't have enough yarn in the tiny skein I was using to finish the block, beautiful as it would have been. So I angrily frogged it, and made a quick little knit instead.

A hat titled: Strawberry Confetti Hat, for my little Spearmint who is not yet faceupped. He's sealed but there have been extenuating circumstances that have prevented faceups for several days. So, I tried to match it for the one I made for October.

The yarn was thicker, so I did less rows and it turned out a little bit smaller, and also October claimed it. e_e;; So Joey gets the blue and yellow hat instead.

I have a ton of sewing that I need to do, and more knitting I'd like to do, but I think I'm gonna quit on the squares for a little bit because quick knits make me so much happier. I like cranking out something in an evening, whether it's some mitts or a hat, or something else. I do love my tiny detailed scarves and all, but sometimes you just need something quick and easy to clear the brain-fog.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dolls and stuff.

So I unintentionally left everyone hanging since my last post. @_@ I did go to the job interview and explained the distance and was pointed back to the website and advised to apply directly to the stores in the town I live in, as they ARE hiring. They did say that they would be happy to re-schedule my interview in the event that I couldn't get a position with the one in Virginia Beach. I have applied and am waiting to hear back.

I also took a bunch of photos of Robbie yesterday. It was nice playing with him and I realized he really doesn't have much in the way of clothes, and I need to remedy that.

I have made two additional doll purchases since my last post, both for hands. I placed and order with Volks USA for the hands that I've wanted for Robbie since I got him on a body, and also nabbed a pair for Osaka's Oliver since they've been out of stock for like EVER, and we both wanted this particular pair.

Then today after a little bit of back and forth with FunnyLori I decided to order some Tiny Delf fists for October in hopes that I could get the shirts over his hands with those, and found that while Luts is willing to combine orders, they will not let you buy something less than $10 on its own. So I ordered the fists, the scissor hands, and a pair of eyelashes and have contacted them to combine the orders. If they choose not to, I will cancel the second order and get the hands at a later date. I'm not too worried about the color matching since Zephi and October are a year apart and IDENTICAL in coloring.

The first pictures I took of Robbie were for photo reference of his tattoos, and then I took pictures of all the glasses I have in that size, then just a couple for fun. :D

Each of Robbie's tattoos represents one that I have. I have a rainbow star on my back, a phoenix on my arm, and a furry cat on my leg. He has a colorful star on his back, an eagle(?) on his arm, and a dragon on his leg.

The plastic glasses were from Dollmore, and the metal ones were from Aileen Doll.

Remember when I worked at Home Depot? There was this promotional little mini apron generally used for work displays and stuff, but I managed to get one to keep for myself. This was WELL before Robbie had a body but I hoped it would fit him one day and it does, quite well. :3

I thought I took more photos but I spent much of my time carefully re-organizing his little chest of clothes. I need more so I can split his stuff from the other SD sized stuff. Some stuff is communal, some is his, some is Rowans, some Avery's. I'd like them each to have their own special box for their items eventually. Nice decorative and functional boxes that can store lots of clothes and shoes and accessories.

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