Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A moment, for trans-awareness.

I have refrained from talking about the transphobic law passed in North Carolina, which is less than an hour's drive south from where I live. I would have continued to refrain for some time I'm sure, had I not stumbled over several subtly transphobic posts from people that I grew up with. People who knew me as a child, and know that my name and sex have been legally changed on a federal level. People who maybe should think twice about posting that someone with the misfortune of being transgendered is somehow a sexual deviant.

Let me set the record straight. I am incredibly thankful for my friends, and my family who love me, and support me as a person. I am not out to hate on anyone or pick on anyone. I just want to live my life quietly doing the things that I am passionate about, without fear of legal problems should I need to use a public restroom.

As long as time has passed and humanity has been able to track it, there have been those that would abuse the system, that would sneak into the opposite gender baths, private places, and places where people are separated by sex. There should of course be laws and regulations in place to help prevent peeping and other issues of that sort.

THAT SAID. If I or someone who happens to be trans is in a public restroom we have exactly one thing on our mind, it it is using the facilities. FULL STOP. We are human and we need to pee as much as anyone else. Sometimes more frequently because hormones change how those things work. If you are vain or ignorant enough to think my potty break is a chance for me to chat you up, you are loonytoons.

So, now that we have covered THAT. Stop being ignorant as a whole. If you are concerned, ask questions. If you want to be safe, please keep in mind that the people in most danger of being hurt in a public restroom are not children, or average adults, but those of us who just need to pee, but can't pass as male or female. Men in the ladies room! Women in the mens room! Neither of these is accurate and both of these are (understandably) met with outrage. We just need to pee. It's not about you.

I am fortunate enough that I do pass as male, which IS my legal sex at this point, and I no longer have to deal with this as much, but you better believe that it is still a terrifying experience to develop a fear of public toilets that has nothing to do with germs. I am still anxious every time I have to use a public restroom, and that is something that was never an issue until I was in my mid to late twenties.

Okay I really am done ranting now. I'm angry, and I'm scared, and I want to say, that I know that many of you are not this ignorant. If you are among those who are reading this thinking "Well of course" then this isn't directed at you, but thank you for reading. Thank you for knowing, for listening, for supporting.

Thank you to every single one of my friends who knows me for me, and loves me for me. I appreciate you, and you make life worth living.

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