Thursday, April 7, 2016

GoFundMe for moving and living expenses.

Most of you are aware that I am moving to Texas this summer after I finish at TCC for the spring semester. You are also likely aware that I was fired from Lowe's for medical absences.

Lowe's tried to contest my eligibility for unemployment and I had an appointment with the Unemployment commission for a phone interview on April 1st.

I received two letters today, the first saying that I was eligible to collect unemployment starting from March 6th which was when I initially applied. This would have meant that I would receive backpay for the weeks I have been looking for work. The second letter stated that I was ineligible because my school schedule is too restrictive and does not allow for full time work. Nevermind that I was working and doing school in tandem until Lowe's fired me.

I am now truly out of options, and have set up a new GoFundMe for medical, living and moving expenses short term. I know that I will end up safely in Texas, as I have been discussing with my mother how best to go about the move, and we have been making plans, but I am in need of funds for my medicine, and to restore cell service. I actually need about $500 immediately to fill scripts for very necessary medication that I will be out of this time next week, and to buy food. This doesn't even bring into account that I need money for rent, and moving and cleaning supplies so that we can leave our apartment in good order.

This will be for living and moving expenses for the next two months or so, until my roommates and myself are safely in Tennessee, and then I head off to Texas from there.

I have exhausted every resource that is available to me here in Virginia. Any help is appreciated. I know that money may be tight for several people reading this, and I understand that. If you could signal boost that is also helpful.

We need about $500 right away for medicine and food. We will need more for moving supplies (boxes, cleaning stuff, etc) and to turn my phone back on. Every bit helps and we are all very thankful for any assistance.

This is the GoFundMe! Please feel free to link back to this PUBLIC entry in the event that anyone wants verification that I am in fact a real person.

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