Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Your head asplode

In a further fit of insanity, brought on by a pounding headache, I had the most incredible idea. I don't remember it very clearly but the basic premise is that I want to dress up a tiny in a trenchcoat, with sunglasses and a wig (and little binoculars, if I can find some), and dub it Stalker-Chan. Stalker-Chan will be visible peeping around the corners in photostories, and make people uncomfortable in general. I wish I could remember why exactly this was so hilarious last night, but sadly my brain is no longer in that weird hysterical place. HA! I slept like the dead.

I'm still worried, but I seem to be feeling more human, and more rational. I was informed by my younger sister (not Rose, the other one) that I was completely off my rocker. I'm inclined to believe her. XD;; I think that little story/photostory idea proves it. I didn't post it on the family blog because it's pure crack, but I think I probably will, with a warning. XD;;;

Oh and I think Stalker-Chan was going to be Widget's (Puki Pukisha) open-eyed face, painted with her siamese markings, but also with bags under her eyes. I'd already decided I wanted Widget to only use her sleepy face because it seemed more like a Siamese cat that way. I think it'd be funny if she were Stalker-Chan in a sleep-walking, open-eyed, daze.

Family, this is what my brain comes up with, when I'm not thinking clearly. If Faythe's reaction was any indication, it was WEIRD.

This story is pure crack. I loosely call it a story but it's basically a ridiculous potential photo story that I'm considering drawing since I don't have all the characters in physical form yet.

Characters are Ichigo, Hoshiko, Onigiri, Fluffums, and Stabler!doll.

Ichigo wants to play Law and Order or CSI or something. He makes Hoshiko be the dead body. "O_O why do I have to be the victim?" She asks, and Ichigo laughs "Cause I said so! ;D ..Here, lay down here! This will be the table in the morgue." He pushes Hoshiko onto the dining room table. Hoshiko looks around and blinks a few times. "Why do you have screencaps of NCIS on the wall? I thought it was CSI or Law and Order?" She points towards some posters that depict the characters. "We needed atmosphere! See, there's Abby, and Duckie, and there's Mark Harmon!" He says with a big grin, "The characters don't matter cause it's MY show."

Ichigo points at Onigiri "You're Horashio Caine! Wear these!" *gives sunglasses to him* "..what do I do?" Onigiri looks confused and worried. "Just put those on." Ichigo grins. Onigiri puts them on. "No you did it wrong! It's supposed to be dramatic!" Ichigo says, frowning slightly, "Take them off!" Onigiri blinks, and takes them off, squinting slightly. "YES LIKE THAT 8D!"

Fluffums, a fluffy orange tabby comes in, and pokes Hoshiko. "OHNOZ! U DED?! 8O" "No, I'm not dead! ;_;" Hoshiko procraims. "I EAT UR FACE! 8D" Fluffums paws at her face, "NOMNOMNOM 8D" "D: STOP THAT!" Onigiri grabs Fluffums by the scruff, "She's not dead, you goober, drop that!" Fluffums drops the extra doll eye, and pouts. ":[ UR NO FUN"

Stabler!doll walks in.. stares.. "What are you kids doing?" "We were playing Law and Order. Now it's SVU! Officer officer, that man touched me!" Ichigo points to Onigiri, who's face goes very very pale. Stabler!doll looks perplexed, and possibly angry, but mostly confused. "What?" Ichigo grins wickedly, "Wanna know where?" Ichigo grabs Stabler's package, laughing. END OF SCENE.

This was basically a conversation that I had with Christy. XD;; We are spazzes, and my brain is broken.

I know it's really weird. You can ignore this post if you like. It's meant to be funny, but not everyone thinks the way I do of course. x_x

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  1. OK, now I know who Stabler is in your blog header. I think Fluffums spends way too much time over at I Can Haz Cheezburger or however the heck it's spelled. The dropped eye was a bit of inspired lunacy.


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