Friday, September 5, 2008

Shorter mohawk, the blue is gone.

I cut my hair again last night. My sides were about an inch long, which is ridiculous for a proper mohawk, and the mohawk strip had reached almost seven inches, so I hacked that shorter too. The mohawk strip is probably choppy in the back since I had to cut that part myself, with only a mirror in front of me. You can't tell in photos though so it must not be too bad.

My blue is gone. I now have a soft green, that is visibly blotchy on the sides, but that'll be sorted out as it grows in. I'm going to re-blue it all after I pick up some more gloves. I'd rather not have blue hands for awhile.


I like that I can get it to fluff better in the back now. It was too long to act properly like a mohawk till now. I just looked like I had a modified mullet or something since it was too long and thick to fluff up and out, before. It fluffs properly now.

In regards to Ti-Chan, I do feel a bit sad that she's getting to have a baby, when I had so much trouble (and a mental breakdown) trying so hard for a few years. I also don't think she's mature enough to be a good mother, but that isn't really my call to make. Nick may be ..flawed, but he does have what it takes to be a good father, or I'd never have considered having his kids.

I'd still like to maybe have a child some day, but I'm fine with adopting if it comes to that, and I don't mind being a mentor to my friends' kids. Christy has a 6 year old that, who is an amazing person, and Rissa has her baby boy who I've no doubt will also be an amazing man. If I can have a kid someday that would be great, but I'm not going to cry over her having one. Nick deserves to be a father. In all ways I mean that, the good and the bad.

I am angry that he knocked her up before we were properly divorced but that's what happens when you don't use protection. At least there is very little either of them could do, to hurt me anymore. This was pretty much the worst. That's all I'd like to say on that subject.

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