Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ten days of whatever. Day Three.

Day Three: (Eight ways to win your heart)

1. Make me laugh, consistently.

2. Be honest. There is nothing in the world that will alienate me faster than dishonesty.

3. Common interests. You can't really fake that. If you're passionate about the same things as me, it's easier to have a pleasant conversation.

4. Don't think I'm weird. At least, not in a bad way. If you like me for who I am, we'll make awesome friends.

5. Really listen to me. I know I talk alot, but communication is important, and I do really listen back.

6. Respect my boundaries. I am very physically affectionate, but there are things I really don't like, that are easy to do on accident when you're trying to be physically affectionate.

7. Don't try dirty talk. Ever. It just makes me feel like you don't respect me.

8. Play videogames with me. :] Or even just watch me or vice versa. I love that. It's a nice way to spend time together.


  1. I don't know you much, but more than you know me. You are a very honest person so it's just normal to expect honesty from others. I like what I know of you.

  2. My list too, at least through item 7. For #8, I would substitute "watch dance movies with me", or (better yet) "dance with me."


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