Friday, January 28, 2011

Change of plans.. maybe.

So ya'll remember how I was fussing about Volks not having Kanata in stock? It may well be a moot point. I am sorely tempted by Iplehouse Special Edition Arvid (in light brown).

I did a mock order, and I could just cover it, with an outfit (not THE outfit) in the light brown resin, with my tax return. If I got him in basic skin nude, it'd be cheaper, but if I want him, I want him in that gorgeous dark tan resin.

I kind of want to make him my exotic tan silver fox. Cause that'd be totally hot. Maybe with a faceup by Lyn. Assuming that is, that she's still taking commissions openly when he does eventually arrive. Cause damn does she do good work with Iplehouse boys.

I really want to get Robbie put together, but basic SD10 boys aren't going anywhere, and neither is he. Arvid on the other hand, is limited edition, and I wouldn't want him in normal skin.

I've had a hard time resisting Iplehouse, because I knew I wanted an EID but they just hadn't made the right one for me yet. Well, now they have. The perfect balance of pretty, manly, and sexy.

I'm not completely sold just yet, but we'll see if I'm still this hooked in about a week when my tax return is supposed to hit.


  1. He's one of the few sculpts who actually looks male. [Yes, I'm a Philistine. Sue me.] Thankfully, I'm not even tempted, because I know from having briefly owned Jessica that I don't have sufficient strength in my hands to wrangle a doll who weighs nearly two kilos, much less his three. Arvid, Texas Ranger?

  2. Now the two little elemental guardians, Erzulie and Efreet? Both are charming, though I wish Efreet were not pouty. Love her flame wig, boots, and wings.


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