Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ten days of whatever. Day Four.

Day Four: (Seven things that cross your mind alot)

1. Sewing. Anymore, I'm almost always thinking about my next sewing project. I have all these ideas and designs in mind, and so little time and resource to do them all, so I'm constantly refining and re-tooling my ideas to stuff I can do and be happy with.

2. Dolls props I can't go anywhere without seeing things I can adapt to be used for dolls, or stuff that's already perfectly to scale for my dolls.

3. Dolls themselves. I'm frequently found looking through doll sites for my next purchase. Not necessarily because I want tons of dolls, but because I love to look at them and think about what sculpts work for what sort of personalities I want to embody.

4. Pokemon. I know I'm 27, and still play Pokemon, but I'm okay with that. :] I look forward to each new game release and pretty much buy them all, where you raise, train etc. Not the other kinds.

5. Chocobos! I've been playing Chocobo Crystal Towers on facebook for about 2 weeks, and now that several friends are playing it, it's even more fun and it's totally on my mind. Faythe and I even have a breeding program in place for superior chocobos. XD

6. Medical disorders. I have some diagnosed medical conditions that are sometimes indicative of more severe disorders. I don't WANT to have those disorders, but I am aware of them, and what some of the other warning signs/symptoms are.

7. Bills. I'm constantly crunching numbers, trying to figure out which bill is next, when I will have money to play with, and what order I need to prioritize my bills and expenses. It's on my mind all the time.

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