Friday, January 21, 2011

I filed my taxes!

I did my taxes~! Turbotax had their deluxe package for only $20 so I went with that, imported last year's info, and went from there.

From my 2010 records I spent $505 on prescriptions. I've also paid about $300 after medical insurance, for my various doctor's visits and medical tests.

In addition, I have $10 extra withheld from each paycheck, for federal taxes, so that I never owe, and I can always be guarenteed a tax return (however small). I may up that at some point, but that, with my income, and various tax credits, got me a respectable return for 2010.

In doing the deluxe version of Turbotax, several things were brought to my attention. I can deduct every dollar I pay on prescriptions, or out of pocket medical expenses, including copays, if they accrue to more than $901, because I am a Virginia resident. Mine added up to like $885, from prescriptions, copays, and the medical tests not fully covered under my insurance.

I didn't do a great job about keeping receipts for my prescriptions or the medical bills, but I'm already setting that stuff aside for 2011. I will no doubt meet the criteria for that deduction this year.

Plans for the tax return this year, are A, a body for Robbie my school C head, and B, a bed for myself. I have one in mind and if I can get Piccolo sold, I can do both comfortably.

Speaking of which, I took sales photos today. I'll post those up with the info on LJ in a bit, and if there is no interest in my friendslist, then I'll post to DOA.

Today I also refilled prescriptions for both inhalors, my thyroid med, and dropped off my prescription (that needs to be re-verified) for testosterone. I haven't met the deductable for the year yet, so I spent $185 on prescriptions. After I've met the deductable it'll be lower. I don't remember what mine is though, so I don't know what I owe yet for the testosterone.

And WAY over-due I mailed out a gift to my Ravelry friend TricotChico. I had it ready awhile back, but no internet so I couldn't access Ravelry for his mailing address. I was supposed to send it out like, in October. e_e;; It was meant to be a welcoming gift for his Yo-SD. Now it's just stuff, way late. I hope he likes it anyway.


  1. Just waiting for my W-2. I've already populated the "interest earned" portion of my return.

  2. Taxes!, I hate filling in these forms (much hair pulling!), my husband, too, we always get so annoyed and fed up, and we drag this over weeks when it could be done in hours, so we have now someone doing this for us for a reasonable price... and we still have our hair on our head. ^_^

  3. It’s a good thing you decided to use software to get your taxes done. That definitely made things a lot easier for you. You’re right – setting aside your receipts consciously is a good idea especially since they are significant in the filing process. Hopefully, you haven’t had any other problems with filing your taxes in the past few years.

    ++ Clemencia Summers


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