Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shaving and skin care.

So since I've been shaving, I've been having to learn lots of little things to get good results. My current shaving routine is to wait until the stubble is about 3/8 inch and then shave before work. That usually consists of my splashing some water on my face, applying shaving cream, and doing a quick job. Unsurprisingly this results in razor burn, and some ingrown hairs. So, I consulted some of my male co-workers about their methods, and purchased a pre-shave scrub, and aftershave + moisturizer. They're part of the Gillette Fusion line.

This morning after my shower, I got dressed, took my vitamins, and had some breakfast. Then after about a half hour the mirror was no longer steamed up, so I went back to shave. I splashed some warm water on my face, used the pre-scrub, and rinsed thoroughly, as indicated on the packaging. Then I applied my shaving cream, shaved rather the same as I usually do, careful strokes, rinsing the blade between passes. Then I again, rinsed my face, and applied the aftershave + moisturizer. My skin looks great now. I'm wondering if the razor burn and break outs I've had, have been because I haven't using a moisturizer.

I am well pleased with my results so far. I still need to get a good razor, rather than using average disposable ones (schick xtreme 3), but I'm not ready to commit to that yet. I know when I do, I will need to get a good one, and I don't really have the money to plunk down on an electric razor yet.

I'm amused because I was pleased with my shave, enough that I bothered to put product in my hair and style it. I haven't been styling my hair for awhile, enough so that I gave up the mohawk, and went back to a standard short haircut. I stopped a bit after I bleached my mohawk because it was cut in a way it looked fine down too, so I just didn't bother. Plus the weather's gotten cold enough I'm wearing hats on a somewhat regular basis.

Anyway I took a picture this morning before work, after I shaved and styled my hair.

And just for my own reference for later, I'm at 22 weeks on testosterone.

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  1. "The Change" has given me some of the same issues, only I deal with it by waxing and plucking. In listening to my co-workers who have more disposable income, laser hair removal only works if your hair is dark; otherwise the laser just goes for the pigment in your skin. So I am about 15 years too late for lasering and can look forward to another 40 years of this.


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