Friday, February 1, 2008

Sick, or bad food?

Ugh. I might be coming down with whatever Nick and Ti have. I'm rather annoyed because I've been very careful to keep to myself, wash my hands more frequently than usual (which is saying alot, because I am germ-phobic) and stay out of the sneezing/coughing path.

I was hoping my chest congestion was because I ran out of allergy medicine, but I'm running a fever now. It's mild, but I tend to run a little cooler than most people at about 97 degrees, and I'm at 100 degrees right now. I feel rather cold, but don't want to spike my fever, so I'm just wearing pajama pants, my thermal shirt, and warm socks, rather than like, a hoodie over jeans and a t-shirt.

Hopefully after a good rest I'll be fine. I'll be getting a little travel sized thing of dial soap to keep in my purse though. I have plans to get out of the house tomorrow and I don't want to change them. If Ti is any indication, I have a couple of days before I get to the "NO BEING AWAKE" part. I'm popping vitamins, drinking juice, and will live on soup for the next week.

There is a chance my feeling yucky could be connected to dinner tonight, which was takeout from a place accross the street that tastes good, but occassionally makes some of us nauseous. I'm hoping so, cause I really dislike being sick, and I've been careful to minimize germ exposure.

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