Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shoes and stripes. :D

I was sewing most of yesterday. I whipped up this lovely striped jacket, which is finished, except for a zipper.

I made the sleeves extra long to account for future mods to Ro's arms.

I also, re-enforced the lace holes on a pair of doll sneakers. I pulled them off Ro's feet and noticed that one of the holes was almost torn through. I decided once I'd finished on shoe, to do a comparison so you could see how it looked before.

And then of course, the finished product! These shoes are bound to last a very long time now. :) Over time, I will eventually re-enforce all of my sneakers, but only once they need it.

Thanks to Christy for giving me an eyelet tool and appropriate hammer. <3

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  1. I am amazed at how you are able to accomplish such detailed work. I think that is impressive!


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