Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

My parents got divorced about a decade ago. I was thirteen, and it was finalized right around Valentines Day. Not on the exact day, but close enough to shake us kids up. I can only imagine what that has done to warp my mother's view of the Holiday.

It's really weird to be in her place. I'm only in the early part of my own divorce, but it's surreal all the same. I'm not bitter about it though, surprisingly enough. I thought it would be excruciating, to see Nick, and Ti doing something for Valentines, but it's not bothering me, the way I thought it would.

Today feels like any other day to me. I hope that those of you who celebrate, have a great one. <3

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  1. I may be the only person in our tribe who does not loathe Valentine's Day. Still adore it, even though there is no Brother Right in my life.

    I do agree that the timing of the divorce was unfortunate, in terms of nearness to love-themed holidays; you can blame that squarely on my divorce lawyer, who dragged his heels until I started calling him every day asking if he had gotten us a court date.

    I learned that the squeaky wheel, gets the divorce.

    I'm glad that today hasn't been too awful for you. I've had a terrific day, wishing all sorts of strangers "Happy Valentine's Day" and successfully resisting the temptation to go to the V-Day yarn sale at the shop near my office.

    And I went to La Madeleine for breakfast. Sat at my desk and nibbled on Strawberries Romanoff all morning. Yum!

    How's your own squeaky-wheel-ness going? [Send me an email; I'm headed off to bed soon and my phone is off.]

    Waving a forkful of Boston Market meatloaf in salute!


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