Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ro's Body

I'm getting frustrated with this pattern. It's for an undershirt and it's too small. I enlarged it a bit, but it's still too small. I managed to get the black one I made onto Ro, with alot of fighting. If I ever remove it, I'll have to cut it off him. You can see in this picture, that it's snug, but not exactly HOW snug.

Ignore the messy desk, and look at his torso joint. This shirt is so tight, it might as well be painted on, with some slight texture. It makes his jeans look ridiculously loose, which they are not. They just fit weird on that AWKWARD dollmore body. I hate it from the torso joint down. The chest is okay, the arms are okay. I love the hands, and the posability of the arms.

I HATE his lower torso part and everything below that. It's shaped awkwardly, he has girly hips, and weirdly (BADLY) designed legs. His weird little penis sticks out oddly and makes it look like I've caught him at an inappropriate moment. It makes his fly pop open by default. His knees are constantly popping out of joint, turning around, and it's not the stringing. I check the stringing, the elastic is straight, not twisted, or anything that would normally cause that annoying leg stuff.

This body has been nothing but HATE since it arrived this time last year. It shipped quickly, the resin matches great, but aside from that.. I HATE it, so much. I want a different body for him so badly. At this point I'd even go for a Dream of Doll body, which I hated enough to sell in the first place. The resin wouldn't match though. I'm hoping a Latidoll body would be a good match. I hear their resin is very light the way Dream of Doll's used to be. They are supposed to pose well, and I LOVE the body design. Problem is, that I don't want to sell the old body until I can buy the new one, and I can't buy the new one till I have the money from the old one. Also, I can't think of anyone who would WANT this awkward femmy boy body. *sighs heavily*

I love Ro so much but this makes it so so hard for me to want to play with him. I don't want to sell Ro, but I'm so jaded about his body troubles. I love his little face, I love those Dollmore hands. I just want a nice, masculine body, that poses well. Preferably one that all his clothing will still fit on.

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