Monday, February 18, 2008

All about Ro.

I was explaining how the older Dream of Doll bodies have these hands, that are hand shaped, but rather lacking in detail compared to the rest of the body sculpt. Their newer hands are very pretty and more realistic, but Ro is back on a Dream of Doll boy body, that happens to be older.

Ti traded bodies with me. She put her Mel on Ro's Dollmore body, and gave me, Mel's type 2 Dream of Doll body. I miss the doublejointed arms, and the hand posability, but I think with newer hands, I could get the wrist posability back. I may end up selling this type 2 though, and moving up to a type 3 body.

Below I have the original entry about this, in quotes.

"So, Ti did something incredible today. She read my entry, venting about Ro's body, and offered to switch his and Mel's bodies. Mel has a type 2 body, which has increased wrist flexibility compared to Ro's original body, and it's got the short and stocky look that I wanted for him. It's also not RIPPED which is nice and makes Ro a more realistic version of myself. And as it turns out, she's always pictured Mel taller and slim, and LOVES the femmy hips on the Dollmore body. The only thing I don't like about the Dream of Doll body, is that the arms are not doublejointed, and the wrists are not as posable as the Dollmore body. So I think I want to find a way to carefully mod his arms into nicely doublejointed arms. I liked that Ro could touch his face, since it's something that I do alot. Also I definately want to replace the default hands.

So we swapped them to see how we liked them, and both Mel and Ro immediately started looking smug. Neither have shown much personality in months, so that's saying alot.

You can see how much thicker the body looks just from this shot. It makes Ro look less pinheaded too, which is nice.

This one was to show how much easier it is to pose Ro, when his legs aren't going all wonky on me. Ichigo wanted to play too.

And here, we have the Dream of Doll on the left, and the old Dollmore on the right. I think the Dream of Doll one looks much more proportional in a headshot like this. I still may eventually give him a different body, but I think this one will work for awhile. Definitely if I can get replacement hands, and make the arms doublejointed."

For the last photo blogger is gonna try to cut it off, so you may have to right click and 'view image'. But basically I like this better than the original type 1 body, and better than the Dollmore body for most things, but I'm annoyed that Ro can't touch his face anymore, and his hands are ugly now.

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