Saturday, February 2, 2008

Good night, gone WEIRD.

Okay. @_@ So, last night I went out with Christy, Michael and Neil. We had a lovely dinner at Golden Corral, and then walked over to the Walmart (which was right next door) where I bought a piece of luggage. It's cute, I took a picture, cause that's easier than describing it. I think I want to go back and get the smaller one to use as my carry-on as well. It was on sale for $30! And the littler one is on sale for $25. I used part what Nick gave me from the tax refund.

All in all it was a rather nice night until when we were pulling into the back entrance of their apartment complex, a guy ran a stop sign and crunched/crashed into us. Michael was completely outraged. None of us seem to be hurt though, thank goodness.

To help Michael calm down, and be sure he wasn't hurt, she walked him home (we were already in the complex). And then it just got surreal. As they were exchanged contact and insurance information, I was looking in the car for Christain's (Christy's Link boy) glasses, which flew off in the impact. I found them, and after I'd placed Ichigo and Link on the roof of the car, the guy came over and showed me a picture of his son. He'd been asking after Michael shortly beforehand (who is nearly six) and then showed us his son, who is in the hospital for a disease that has no name, and is genetic.

I can't recall all the details as clearly now, but my saying that his son was cute, spurred him to flirt with me. It was WEIRD. He mentioned that he'd been in Iraq and his wife cheated on him, and that he'd been on a date shortly before he hit us. I told him my husband and I were divorcing for similar reasons and he said "Oh you're single? It's a shame we had to meet under these circumstances. My name is James!" And it just got really weird from there.

Eventually in the course of trying to figure out if Roger (Neil's car) could run, we learned that James had a couple glasses of wine, and would really prefer if we didn't call the cops for an accident report. At that point I remembered that I had my camera with me, and took pictures of both cars, for evidence, if needed later. I wasn't sure what I should do call-wise, and ended up not calling. The guy was very certain that it was his fault, and apparently is a mechanic. He offered to do all the work to fix Roger for free, or buy the car outright if he wasn't fixable.

I'm REALLY glad none of us were hurt, and much less importantly neither were the two dolls we had with us. It's much more important that the people weren't hurt, and I know that, and agree with that. I'm just also glad that neither doll was broken.

And on that note, I'm tired and I'm going to go to sleep soon.


  1. You are going to be just *amazed* at what comes crawling out of the woodwork and asks you out. [When you get back home to Texas, we'll sit down with some ice cream and trade stories.] There are guys who look for, and feed off, the kind of pain-waves you are emitting at the moment.

    Best answer? "No thank you, I'm still legally married, and *I* don't cheat." And then you smile sweetly at them, and they scuttle back into the darkness.

    Or you can tell them that your mother is a crazed knitter with lots of sharp poky sticks, and to leave you alone, or she'll get out the Elastrator...

  2. It is nice to be flirted with and feel like you still exist. As mom said just be careful. Sometimes the best thing is just to smile and walk away with a happy private moment.

    Also, call the cops. Always call the cops no matter what. Not calling the cops means that it is ok that this guy was drinking and driving. Even if he said he will pay for everything and can fix the car... Call the cops.


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