Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sneak peek, and drawing questions.

Thanks to batchix, for the size suggestion for my canvas. It makes a huge difference, I think. This is at 53%, an 8x10 300dpi canvas. It's so much easier to draw like this, for me anyway. Zoom out, rough sketch the shapes, then zoom in and smooth the lines to the shape I like. Woo!
sneak peek
I love Painter X by the way. It's smooth and easy and I have yet to see how it's different from Painter IX but I look forward to the subtle differences. The pencil is smoother I think. It's easier to get a feathery look, like for his lashes. I have no idea why I never asked about canvas sizes before. Next I want to learn layering tricks to make coloring easier. @_@

Currently I add new layers and use the airbrush, then erase around the lines, but that gets messy and after several layers, the original lines become blurry and hard to see. I need to figure out if there is a way to select the negative space inside the lines and make it color inside the lines by default. I know that's possibly in Photoshop but I don't use that so that's no help to me.

It's been a long time since I've been able to draw anything I'm happy with, and even longer since I've gotten something finished, with color. The last thing I was really pleased with, was a portrait of Ro. And I drew it about two years ago, right around the time Nick and I moved to Virginia Beach. It was this one:

I like the soft colors and shading I can do with the digital airbrush, but I need to figure out how to clone the lines and and do color fills. Shading is the easy part, keeping my lines, is the hard part.


  1. Those are pretty cool. You'll have to give me some drawing tips when you come back. I got a Bamboo Fun graphics tablet for Christmas, but I haven't really played around with it yet.

  2. Wow, these are good [not that I'm surprised]. There is nothing like pursuing creative interests to keep one's marbles in more or less the same place at the same time.

    People wonder why I'm so prolifically creative? Cheaper than counseling!


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