Saturday, February 16, 2008

I love bright colors!

I went out with Christy and company yesterday, and we visited the mall. I was going to get a Build-A-Bear, but they didn't have any that I wanted (and didn't already have). So we looked around, and I found this lovely rainbow stripedy hoodie at Hot Topic, for half off, and it was only $30 originally, so I went for it. It's not really flattering over clothing but it doesn't look too bad with a t-shirt over it. And I knew the odds of me finding something that I liked as much as this one, again were slim.

And one of the hoodie, without me in it. ;D

I'm not sure if you can tell, but I trimmed my hair. I want to take it just a bit shorter but I just wanted it short enough to style for now. It was flopping all over the place, that long, and refusing to spike up. Hmm, now I really want to shave it and cut it properly. I also want to bleach in two stripes on the mohawk part, on the outer edges. I picked up a 'chunking' kit a bit ago, and I've just been waiting for the right time. I don't want it to look sloppy. e_e I'm also feeling frustrated and bored with my everyday look.

It's been awhile since I've posted up any photos, I realized. I've put on a little bit of weight, from stress and erratic eating habits. @_@ I can see it in my face, which is why I haven't wanted to post photos.


  1. Sometimes I look at pictures from different times in my life and cringe but just know that this can be a phase and you can eventually be whatever you want (weight wise) that makes you happy and you feel comfortable with.

  2. All I can see are gorgeous freckles [from where the sun kissed your face] and those beautiful eyes.

    Where's your M&M person? Mine will go up on the blog in tomorrow's post.


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