Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hooray for Undershirts!

It occurred to me, after yesterday's undershirt fiasco, that the too-small one might fit a Little Junior. It does. It's very snug, and annoying to get on, but it fits.

I realized this while I was sewing up a new one. I've adjusted the pattern again and this time, success! Ichigo's head is easier to remove, and he's the most barrel-chested of all my boys, so I tried it on him first. It's snug, but fairly easy to get on and off.

Then I got it onto Ro, and decided to show him and Elli both wearing them.

I'm glad I finally have the pattern the right size, and also very glad that the first shirt is not going to waste. I think the shirt makes Elli look more his character's age, than the simple white tee-shirt I had him in. Elli is supposed to be 15, just very short and slim. Ro is supposed to be stocky, and of average height. Currently he is tall and slim and flamboyant, but I'm hoping a Latidoll body will work for him. I'd be going with the 'stylish' torso, cause Ro is supposed to be like me, and I'm not ripped.

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