Monday, March 3, 2008

I like Pink lately.

I have a pattern for a clip on tie, but I really wanted a proper tie, for Ichigo. So I looked online at how to tie a double windsor, because I wasn't sure which method I had taught myself, but it wasn't fancy looking. Turns out the method I knew was called the 4-in-hand. Simple, but not really nice looking. I found these cute illustrations when I googled 'how to tie a double windsor'. First the 4-in-hand method, and then the double windsor.

After I'd practiced it a bit on some ribbon I had handy, I realized ribbon would make an okay tie, in the right thickness, and could give me plenty of interesting patterns too. So I tied it to a length I thought was acceptable, and then snipped out a few ties from different ribbons. It doesn't have the fun thickness varient, but it looks just fine, when tucked behind a sweatervest.

I've spent most of the past day and a half, sewing. I finished up a Yo-sized blouse that I'm really not happy with still, and made for Ichigo a sleeveless button-up shirt, with real and functional buttonholes. I also made the sweatervest, in considerably less time. The collar on the button shirt was the most challenging aspect and it ended up slightly crooked but it looks okay, and isn't really obvious. You can see functional buttons below.

And with one of his ties:

And now, I'm exhausted and I'm going to try and get some sleep before I get serious about packing, later today.


  1. That double-Windsor snootiness is something you get from your prep-school father [g]. My dad was a Colorado farm boy, and the four-in-hand is what he taught me. The red with pink? You get that from *me*.

  2. The part where you are able to sew a collar on to a button down shirt... that DNA skipped me. I'm a bit jealous! You are so awesomely creative.

  3. xD oh that's cute! i've done collared shirts with my machine that came out far wonkier, so your hand-sewn stuff still amazes me.

  4. I think my love of bright colors in general stems from you indeed Mom. And I just think ties look classy, and like that triangle shape the Windsor makes.

    The collar was troublesome because I'm not working from a pattern. I was studying a button-up shirt that I had on hand, and tried to duplicate it. I think I will be able to, next time. And thank you! You are creative, just not in the same ways that some of the rest of us are.

    Thanks Neko. I've gotten pretty good at hand-sewing with Christy's guidance. She does alot of her stuff on machine but still does handsewing for fiddly details, and has coached me through some more difficult pieces. :3


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