Saturday, December 26, 2015

Winter Illness and Holiday Dolls.

Osaka has caught a winter bug from her brother Wotan, who is out visiting for Christmas. Most years he is just recovering from it during winter break but this year he is fully ill from it and recovering out here slowly over the course over the break.

He has won Christmas as far as his nephew and sister are concerned. DragonMouse got DoctorWho Legos, and Osaka got a discontinued doll that she has been distressed, bemoaning missing out on recently. Wotan managed to get his hands on her and sneak her under the tree and we didn't quite realize it until we were down to the last of the gifts and Osaka was going "Wait a minute.. This is bubble wrap. This is labelled bubble-wrapped bundles with a Certificate of Authenticity. YOU DIDN'T. HOW?!"

This is two years running that Wotan has managed to get two incredibly special discontinued hard to get dolls for Osaka, and both are incredibly special. Last year's was THE SOULDOLL CHORIN that had been sitting waiting patiently for seven years waiting for Osaka at the doll dealer's website. This is the Souldoll Giselle that was discontinued and.. nowhere to be found ANYWHERE in any of the places one might find older discontinued dolls. Wotan has amazing doll luck, and he uses his powers for good.

So due to timing Osaka and I both ended up with dolls for Christmas. Mine being Twinkle, my Loongsoul Beck Deertaur, and hers Souldoll Giselle, who is petite and gorgeous. I also have my pony, but I need to un-string and scrub that pony so it can be sealed and painted up to be Epona.


  1. Take care that you don't catch that. You've got enough to deal with. ;) Send greetings to Osaka and DragonMouse!

    1. I have been careful with hand-washing and avoiding of germs and so far I seem to be safe! Touch wood!

  2. Replies
    1. Not the gorgeous grey centaur Chiron, but the pretty little woman she got, with the lavender eyes, Chorin, I'll see if I have a photo of her with my Lune, our old school Souldoll Beautys.


      It won't let me embed as an image but this is a direct link from my photobucket of the pretty girl from last Christmas.


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