Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Robbie got a new sweater! :D

My own knitting has fallen by the wayside for the most part since I regained employment, and then for certain once I started school. I tried to do stuff but I kept getting sick and staying sick, and then there was all the school work and just.. anyway, you know who hasn't stopped knitting? Osaka. Osaka still knits. She knit her Severus a beautiful sweater, a lovely chunky knit (which is the in thing this season and I am loving it) in perfect doll scale, and my Robbie is roughly the same size and scale as he is. She was kind enough to make me a sweater for Robbie of the same style to fit him in grey for Christmas.

Unfortunately I still have dreadful lighting so you get dark photos in front of a sugar pink Christmas tree. I hope you enjoy his beautiful new sweater as much as I do. It fits him like a dream. :)

Hooray knitting! I will hopefully be able to knit again someday soon, like when the weather stops jumping 10 degrees in either direction every other day. =_=;;

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