Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Doll Rambling

It's been kind of surreal to have more than a few hours between work and sleep and trying to eat to try and .. breath and think. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, breathing is nice. I just really got used to being completely slammed and exhausted with constantly recovering from being ill and schoolwork and actual work, and social media and burnout. OOF. I've had .. what a week off from school now? I've gone to work as usual had some days off, had two actual factual days OFF where in I frantically tried to busy myself and then I just kind of petered out.

I'm all caught up on my webcomics, all caught up on my various social media outlets (and actually unusually active on some of them), and looking hard at my knitting and sewing and wondering what sort of magic I can make happen before school starts back up. I still have work and all but I still have several like proper days off where I have nothing I NEED to do other than wake up and take my medicine and remember to eat and bathe and so I can PLAY. I feel like a little kid with new toys. I kind of am actually. I got Legos for Christmas. I have new dolls..(checks list) I have FIFTEEN dolls that haven't been properly played with or had anything made special for them since I got them. That's seriously half of my collection, not counting rolling heads or anything. These are properly faceupped dolls with bodies and everything. They need outfits and stuff.

First of all, Ed needs a proper not temporary faceup. I don't want to have to wait until I get to Texas and commission someone to paint him. I want my hands to recover enough that I can paint my own dolls again.

I will settle for making Robbie clothes though. He needs clothes. Long-sleeved t-shirts, graphic tees, maybe a coat, some shorts, just some variety. Robbie needs a swank wardrobe. My pretty little vanity boy mirror.

I also need to remember the sculpt that Osaka helped me to find for my own FaithAnn, since the Faythe's FaithAnn is MSD, and Robbie is SD. Also that allows me to do my own thing with her as BFF-sibling dolls. I think it was Volks Coco? Was it Volks SD Coco Osaka?

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