Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pokemon Talk

I re-restarted Pokemon Omega-Ruby because I had started it in German, and my German is a bit rusty, and then I realized I have the dialogue memorized in English which is part of why I was playing it in German. *facepalm* Also to refresh my German. It's only been like 16 years since German 1, of which I remember only a handful of words and phrases.

I had just transferred over a full shiny team from Pokemon Bank to use and had my Eevee at full hearts in Pokemon Aime when I had an error and my 3DS crashed the game so I rage quit. So.. Now I am going to wait until morning, transfer everything back to Bank, and then re-restart it in German again because the English doesn't have the umlaut that I wanted to use for my character's name.

So annoyed that it crashed and that I hadn't saved. I have a team of shinies that are mostly dog types and will substitute as needed for gyms and story parts to progress the game but mostly I want to play with my little German boy and his shiny dogs. FULL SHINY TEAM. I have a shiny Gyarados and a shiny Togekiss for my water and flying types. My Eevee is going to be a Sylveon, and I have will have a Mightyena, and a handful of other shines I've hoarded from my other Gen 6 games and saved in Bank. I even have some shiny legendaries.

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