Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Today has been bittersweet. It has been a wonderful quiet day with friends full of love, and the last Christmas that I will have here in Virginia with my BFF. Next Christmas I will be back in Texas with my blood family, which will be an entirely different experience. I have come to appreciate our quiet routine of opening up stockings playing quietly, frequently an afternoon nap, and Christmas lunch or dinner at a Chinese buffet. It's a different tradition but it's one that we have enjoyed together for many years now.

I had difficult time sleeping and got up a little past 7am and found that DragonMouse was also up. We whispered quietly (genuinely quiet) together and he walked dogs and got coffee going for Osaka so that she would have that ready when she stirred. I took a photo of the tree, and one of us together on the sofa for facebook, mostly for the memory.

Osaka woke up a little while later, got her coffee, and we got into stockings, and DragonMouse dutifully passed out gifts to us, so that we each had something to unwrap at any one time.

He got Legos, a Frightfully Tall Frankie, some stuffies, some MLP blind packs, nice stuff all around. I got some very nice coloring books (some the complex patterns for adults ones), some new colored pencils, Legos, and a few other really nice tidbits I probably am not remembering right now.

I've had a recurring migraine for several days now and it came back in the early afternoon so I took an imitrex and laid down and slept through when I was supposed to call my family in Texas to chat and say hi to everyone. I ended up calling Faythe and Mom after we came back from dinner and chatted for awhile, until Bonnie called me. I spoke to her and Jenni briefly, said Merry Christmas to them both, and then called Rose to say the same to her, and wish her a Happy Birthday since I work tomorrow and might not be able to get a hold of her tomorrow.

It was pleasant talking to Mom and Faythe as they drove back to Garland from Arlington. I think they had stopped off in Arlington from Fort Work so Faythe could walk the dog before she stayed the weekend with Mom in Garland and I got to speak with them nearly the whole drive. We discussed my upcoming move, and storage options and how large the middle bedroom is and how much room Mom was willing to share in her studio for Art supplies and/or dolls (I was assuming none, but she is generous), and Faythe was explaining to Mom that middle bedroom was larger than the space I currently share with DragonMouse and so it would not be an issue squeezing my possessions into that space even with needing to store some items against one wall.

I'm still not ready to go back to Texas but I understand that it is what I need to do. I am looking forward to being able to continue to my education and also having the option of seeing my family more than just like.. through facebook. That will be nice.

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