Friday, December 11, 2015

Doll Arrivals and last week of school BLAAAARGFFFF

Today, the items I ordered in group orders from WAY earlier this year on Ravelry via group order arrived safely. Among the items are a Loongsoul Beck Centaur with unicorn horn, and two sets of antlers and three different tail types. I will have him as an Albino Deertaur. I also have a brown Camillia Dynasty Sage (Yo-SD scaled pony) which will be painted up to be a tiny Epona, and a little cat to ride around on Robbie's head. The cat is painted so I can do a photo of that I suppose.

The others will have to wait as my camera is not charged, and I still have school work I need to work on I have an essay to polish for English, and a story to polish for ASL (to sign for my last video to be recorded in class Monday evening), and tomorrow morning I have a sign language event and just.. last week of school. @_@

Spring semester starts in January then goes through to I believe May, and then I will be back in Texas. I may be shuffling my class schedule before school starts. I signed up for a full 12 credit hours, 4 classes of 3 credit hours apiece and I'm struggling at the end of this semester juggling just two 3 credit classes. =_=

I haven't bought my spring books yet or put my Spring schedule in at work yet so I can still tweak if I need to.


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