Monday, March 10, 2008

Nurse Decke

I woke up this morning, around 4am, feeling feverish and *dehydrated. Decke had just curled up with me, which is a big deal for me, since, as long as I've been sleeping on the couch (about a month now?) he's sort of ignored me when I'm sleeping. So I was feeling yucky and Nurse Decke was on the job. It seems that every time I feel sick he's there to try and make me feel better.

After a few minutes of petting him and regretting that I needed to get up and take my temperature, I did actually get up, but apologized to him. He's a cat I know, but he THE sweetest cat I've ever known. So I went into the bathroom only to discover that our thermometer's battery is dead, and also that I apparently have a stomach bug. The simple act of putting the thermometer in my mouth caused me to fall to my knees and embrace the toilet in a weeping embrace. And yes, I was crying. I cry alot when I feel sick, and get very apologetic.

The entire time I was there, Decke was meowing and chirping, in a very concerned tone, and nuzzling my hands. I was crying and whimpering for a good 20 minutes and he didn't stop his concerned hovering even after I retreated back to the couch. After he was certain my tummy wasn't sore anymore, he curled up at my side, and I managed to rest for about an hour, before I suddenly and apologetically threw back the covers and Decke, in a mad run for the bathroom.

Even after I had to shove him away, he continued his Nurse Decke vigilance, and kept me company. When I finally fell asleep again he'd decided cuddling up at my feet would be less dangerous, and stayed there until I woke again around 9 maybe. Nick and Ti were awake, and I immediately asked Nick if he was feeling okay, because he'd gone to bed early with a headache too. He was feeling okay at that point, but around 11:30 I woke from my nap (after moving to the loveseat/sofa so I could still sleep, they could use the couch) to find that he was feverish too.

I'm not sure what sort of stomach bug it is, but I haven't been ill since earlier this morning. I'm still feeling kind of achy and tired, but only mildly nauseous. I think I'm going to fold up the laundry on the couch and go back to sleep. Generally I feel better sooner, when I try to sleep through it.

This is a long entry just to say that I feel sick, and my cat is sweet, but I didn't think a short, maybe two sentence entry, did Decke justice. He really is that sweet, and whenever one or more of us feels sick, he's always there, trying to make us feel better. He's the sweetest cat I've ever had, and I love him so much. And, because I happened to get a cute shot of him last night, enjoy.

*When I was typing 'dehydrated', my 'D' key popped up and out of the laptop. @_@ Luckily it popped right back in with some gentle pressure, but that was weird.


  1. aww, that's sweet of him. when i feel sick i get concerned calls ever hour or so asking if i'm feeling better. not from the cats, obviously. xD i agree about the feeling better sooner if you can sleep through it though. that's how i prefer to get better, not always how it works out though. -.-;


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