Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dolls- Reinvented and New

So, in a fit of dislike for Isaac's look, I accidently re-invented him. I mean I was dissatisfied with his eyes, and was thinking of going with green eyes instead. Christy let me try out a beautiful pair of Hazel eyes she had on hand, and it was magic. Meet Declan.

Once the eyes were changed it was obvious he wasn't Isaac anymore. We made him a short brown wig, with a puff of bangs in front, and I debated a few names. Mainly, Daniel, Owen, Braedon, and then Declan. Declan stuck, and here we have it.

And, in other news, ELLIOT ARRIVED TODAY! We went to put the head on Jinwoo's body, but it was strung too tightly to get the s-hook up into Elliot's head. So, we ended up putting him on Christian's SD13 body, for a quick photo.

Proportion-wise the body is a little too big, but in a pinch it could do. I still want the Souldoll Double body though, as it's gorgeous, and the proportions are perfect. And, then I changed his eyes to the blue eyes that were in Isaac.

It still feels a bit surreal since he arrived so quickly and all. @_@ My first SD sized doll, even if he's only a head right now.

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  1. his ears came pierced? that's so cool. i like the new look for formerly-isaac, now-declan too. xD


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