Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'm making doll clothes to sell again. I started up commissions last night and already have a few small orders lined up, with some repeat customers, and one new one, so far.

I also whipped up a pair of wide-leg, long legged striped trousers, in MSD size, to sell right off the bat. I want to start doing that again. I like taking commissions, but I want to be one of those people that pops a pair of pants, or a few shirts, onto the marketplace and they're snapped up within a day or two.

So these, are up for sale, on Resinality, and linked to all my doll friends, via my livejournal. I'm hoping to get a nibble in the next day or two, and send them off right away.

If no one seems interested, I'll lower the price a few dollars, in a week. They're currently up for $20 with shipping included in the US.

I've also priced as below for my commissions.

T-shirts, shortsleeved - Yo-SD $10, MSD $12, SD+ $13
T-shirts, longsleeved - Yo-SD $12, MSD $14, SD+ $15
Pants - Yo-SD $18, MSD $18, SD13 $20, Dollshe $25
Shorts - Yo-SD $15, MSD $15, SD+ $18
Overalls - MSD only for now $22, specify short, long, or daisy-dukes length.

It's on the lower-average end of the spectrum, but I'm not gonna hike up my prices. The reason I have repeat customers, is because I make good quality clothing for reasonable prices, and I am a reliable person with good feedback in the marketplace.

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