Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sewing Commissions

I finished up on some commissioned jeans today. My fingers are a little tender from working with the thicker denim but I think it's well worth the effort. The customer is a repeat buyer, and I am very confident that she will enjoy the results.

She opted out of back pockets, as you can see from the photos. I don't put them on most pants unless the buyer wants them, since back pockets have no practical value on doll clothes. I mean they are a nice detail, and can add to realism, but I like to focus on other details, generally. Anyway, both pairs of jeans are below.

And, the heavier-weight denim, a dark blue that is a little bulkier as it's human-scaled.

It's my policy to show the final product before accepting payment, which is why I have pictures of the back as well. It goes to show the consistency of my quality.

Anyway, I also finished up the blue and green jacket for Ro. I got a zipper the other day when I went out with Christy and Rissa. So, now Ro's jacket is complete! It's not a separating zipper, but It will easily slip over anything so I'm not really concerned about it. They didn't have a separating zipper in any shade of green, that wasn't 20+ inches, so I improvised. I'm fairly pleased with the results.

Next, I'll start sorting out the details of Myrai's commission, and then get started on that. Things are going well so far, and aside from a mildly tender index finger (which I use to force the needle through the thick layers of denim), I'm feeling pretty good. I'm tired, but I feel fairly happy. As soon as I receive payment for these pairs of jeans, I'll mail them out, and I can also order my new pair of glasses. I'm looking forward to it. And now, I'm going to call Christy and see how she's doing today. :) Hope everyone has a nice afternoon!


  1. man, your stuff is just getting better and better! you continue to amaze me. xD

  2. Maybe I will have you start sewing people clothes and make Derek all his clothes!


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