Friday, March 14, 2008

Eye Exam

I had my first eye exam in about seven years, today. The doctor was somewhat horrified at the state of my old glasses. I got them when plastic lenses were a fairly new thing, and didn't get the protective coatings, since I had to insurance. I paid $50 out of pocket for my exam back then, and $250 for my Eddie Bauer glasses, which were half price. @_@ My left lense is cloudy and the right one is scratched all to hell.

My eyes however are in excellent health, according to the doc. She dilated my eyes, since I couldn't remember having that done since I was 13. As she said, 11 years is long enough. My eyes are generally already sensitive to light so that was a very painful experience. I was glad that I needed to go to sleep. I'm seeing normally now, and, I have a nice up to date prescription now, and can order my glasses soon. My left eye is a bit stronger, and my dominant eye. I had some trouble focusing my right eye at first.

Also, apparently I have freckles inside my eyes. The doc said it's common among 10% of people. Weird.

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