Friday, March 28, 2008

My best friend's baby.

I have an epic story to share today. It started off with a quiet morning at Christy's after spending the night last night. We walked over to the mall in the early afternoon and poked around there for a bit, until Christy got a call from our buddy Rissa. Turns out she'd been in the hospital for the past two days, which is a rather big deal as she is very pregnant. She'd been having contractions for two days but never dilated and they released her telling her it was too early. They also let her know baby was wrong-side down or breech.

She was in excruciating pain when she met us at the mall. She had to pay her cell phone bill there, and wanted to pick up some groceries and last minutes things to prepare for baby, since her due date is in May. On our way out to her car, I commented that it probably wouldn't be more than another week before the baby was born, going by her pain, and how big her belly had gotten. Her nausea was bad, and she was in alot of pain, and hadn't slept in two days. We got over the to the Commissary, stopping briefly to fill up the Rissa-mobile at a gas station.

Rissa was in too much pain to walk, so Christy pushed her in one of the wheelchairs, and I pushed the cart, with Michael in the little car section, as it was one of those kid-friendly carts. We got about half the list, when Rissa got really nauseous, and Christy took her to the bathroom. She felt a bit better after that and we finished up the rest of the grocery list, and got going.

Just a way down the road she got really nauseous again and pulled over, to throw up... and her water broke. Rissa was in labor for the past two days, real labor, real contractions, and the stupid hospital let her go. Once we were sure that it was her water that broke, I called 911, at the gentle prodding of Christy, who was in Super Mom mode.

We stopped in one of the best places we could have. Seriously, over twenty different cars stopped to help. One older couple had some old towels and blankets in their car, and two different people, one a medical military guy, and one a civilian nurse both stopped. Lots more people stopped to make sure we'd called an ambulance and to see if Rissa was alright.

Christy called to get Rob, Rissa's husband to meet her at the hospital, and also called as much of Rissa's family as she could before Rissa's phone battery got too low. Seriously, Christy should get a gold medal for keeping it together because I was bewildered and Rissa was worried and scared.

Once the ambulance arrived, Christy rode with Rissa to the hospital, and I stayed with Michael and Rissa's car and groceries. I called Nick and Ti and had Nick come to retrieve us back to Christy's house. He drove Rissa's car here, and helped me put her cold groceries away.

From there, Christy continued to be Super Mom and kept things together, and did her best to reassure Rissa until Rob could get there. She called me and let me know Rissa and Baby were okay, and then again let me know when they told Rissa they needed to do a C-section, because the baby was breech, and needed to come out NOW.

Both Rissa and baby boy are healthy and doing okay now, last I heard, which was a couple of hours ago. He was born 5 pounds, 14 ounces, and I think 18 inches long. He is six weeks early.

Nick went and picked up Christy from the hospital as soon as he got back from taking Ti to her college class, which was also tonight. Christy earned her title of Super Mom today and is understandably exhausted.

All in all it's been.. a hell of a day.


  1. And that is why I let other peole birth the kids and I just spoil them!

  2. Wow, I am so glad that Rissa and baby are doing fine. It sounds like you got to be part of something amazing. Good practice for later in life if other emergencies happen.

  3. that's a crazy day. i'm glad everything is okay. and i'm sure that you were more together than you think, you're pretty good in a crisis.. as long as it's not your own. xD


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