Thursday, August 4, 2016

Busy busy busy.

It's been a busy and hectic.. week? Two weeks? I'm not sure. I think my last entry was right around my birthday in July. Since then I have successfully applied to Richland College locally here in Texas, and have hit a snag either in admissions or financial aid. I think what they need is a copy of my letter stating that I am exempt from selective service (which is why I am not registered) but I can't find my copy. It's also possible they need medical records as Texas requires that students have some very specific inoculations before they can attend college or universities even if they have previous college. I have not received a letter or ANYTHING in the standard mail to tell me what is needed. I received a vague email telling me there was an error with my financial aid after I saw that it was received and approved, and the student website shows no error. What I need is to find that damned letter and take it and ALL documentation up to campus to sort it out.

Last night I dug through all of my legal papers, the last seven years of medical receipts, pay-stubs, tax returns, etc, hoping it was in there with my birth certificate etc. I also dug through all of the paperwork regarding my name change and federal gender change. I have all the copies of my doctors letters, all the copies of my name change paperwork, my confirmation from Social Security that it's been updated, found my original social security card, my copies of old ID etc, but not this damned letter. I fear that I gave the original to Tidewater Community College despite making very sure to make copies since they don't give them back.

I can apply for another letter with explanation that the first was surrendered to school or lost in a move but it would take a month to receive once they received my form, and also it says on the federal website to KEEP THE ORIGINAL. I'm in fits about it. I need to have everything sorted and be enrolled in classes by August 20th if I am to attend school this fall. Otherwise I guess I have time to sort it out for Spring but that is not the timeline I want. I could do Spring and Summer semester I suppose if I can't get this letter, but I'd really prefer to be actively in school, not scrambling.

I have e-mailed TCC asking if it would be possible to scan and email me (or fax my new school) this letter and what I would need to do to prove identity. I'm waiting to hear back.


In less other news I have been marathoning Dr Who on and off for a couple of weeks and have suddenly lost interest. I hate the way Moffet writes The Doctor. I didn't like Matt Smith as The Doctor (nothing against the man as an actor) and hated the story lines for seasons 5-8, in which Moffet had creative license to do whatever he wanted. I was furious at how he ended Tennant's story line. I hated the man-baby he made Matt Smith. I don't like the 12th Doctor being a confused sociopath (as of where I left off), though I adore the actor. It just doesn't jive with classic who the way that Ecclesten and Tennant did for a time. I can't see 12 as the same man (or a version of the man) that 4 was. He's not even the same kind of cranky older man that we had with the first doctor.


Tangents. I've slid out of my mixed/manic state into anxious depression. I'm knitting and crafting to try to stay sane in between bouts of Adulting. I made Toby a sweater which fits him beautifully. Mom made me socks for Sarabelle for my birthday this year. They are beautiful and I want to knit her a lovely lavender sweater to go with. :)

I'm not sure if I am going to use the same pattern as I did for Toby's sweater because it is relatively easy and I already have it, or if I am going to try a different pattern that I have on hand. I have some lovely sparkly lavender and white silk/bamboo blend stuff that I want to make a stripey hoodie out of, but I remember being aggravated at how the fabric fought me last time I used it.


I also have a series of doll photos that I need to resize and share from visits with Ashbet and other local DFW friends. I have been in a constant state of flux, so I haven't been great about resizing and uploading pictures. That will be in a later post I think.

I'm sorry for anything I've missed in the last couple of weeks. I haven't been online much other than to look at school website, look for doctors in my area and try to coordinate. I've spent the last week mostly offline with Faythe starting the reorganization of Mom's studio. There is so much STUFF in there, and much of it is valid crafting stuff. Some of it is "I don't know where to put it, but it will be safe in here" stuff, and sorting out which is which has proven somewhat challenging.


TLDR: I am exhausted. I knit a sweater. I've been watching Dr Who and frantically trying to get ready for school and line up doctors at the same time and it's not going particularly well.

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