Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Body what is this...

My brain and body decided sleep was not happening so I cut my hair, trimmed my beard, had a shower, brushed my teeth, ACTUALLY shaved my neck, took out the trash, and packed lunches for Mom and me.

No idea how this no sleep is gonna mess with me yet. Probably I'll fall asleep at Mom's office. Possibly I will stay awake and sleep like a normalish person tomorrow/tonight.

I also moved my shot from Tuesday to Monday evening because shenanigans like this really mess me up and I'm too tired to SAFELY do my shot. I've forgotten for like 3 weeks till I'm in bed in jammies and half asleep, which further ducks up my sleep as I crawl out of bed do my shot and then lie awake thinking about what a fucking long day it's been.

Wish me luck for today. I need positive vibes to make it to .. 10pmish.

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