Monday, August 8, 2016

I went to Austin for BJD-Con.

I went down to Austin BJD-Con and had a great time. I received a message a few days prior from my step-brother who asked if I wanted to go, as he had room in the car and was definitely going. I gave a tentative yes, mentioning that I needed to double-check Saturday plans with Mom, and after Mom gave the thumbs up, I confirmed.

The car ride itself was awesome. I brought my MP3 player and played DJ from the backseat and was delighted to see that there was a ton of musical interest overlap. I played from my most eclectic playlist on shuffle, somewhere between 250-270 songs, and on the drive there and back I think only on or two songs repeated because shuffle reset. For those that don't know Austin is a several hour drive down. We left Garland at 6:30ish am, and arrived at the Convention about 10:15am. We only stopped once for fuel, restroom break, and breakfast which we ate on the road. I had some of the best kolaches I have ever had from a place called Czech Stop in West, Texas. That's the name of the town, not like.. the region of West Texas.

From there we arrived in good order and basically did laps of the room looking around. I hadn't brought any money with me because I don't have any income right now, but I had a good time looking around, making notes of vendors for future purchases, and then ended up doing a trade with one vendor, where I exchanged contact information and she let me pick out several items in exchange for a future knitted sweater like the one Owen was wearing. I did a similar trade with my step-brother and his wife where I got an outfit from another vendor in exchange for a future knitted item. I wasn't expecting to bring anything home but great memories so it was a pleasant surprise.

The items I got were a dress for Amelia:

And three shirts, one button down in SD scale, and two TTYA shirts in Yo-SD scale:

I am potentially planning to pre-knit a bundle of things to take to trade for things next year. I may see if anyone I know well is going to have a table or find out how much a table costs. I don't think I want to go that big in scale though. I'd rather knit a bunch of stuff for trade and sell or trade the rest locally.

I didn't take a bunch of pictures but I got one of myself with Owen in front of a hat store.

Owen got quite a bit of attention which was awesome. Many people had never seen a Crobidoll in person, and just about every Vendor I spoke to asked to see him, which was nice. Several people asked to buy the sweater off his back, which is how I ended up doing a trade with the one vendor. I told her not THIS sweater because it's Owen's, but I would be happy to knit her one similar to it. She was delighted and we discussed value of hand-knits and agreed on a trade value and she had me pick out some things and let me take them with me. :)

The only down part of the day was that it was in the triple-digits and I got heat sick when we stopped for lunch after leaving the Con. It was no one's fault, I drinking plenty of water, and being careful but it was like 102F with the heat index making it closer to 115F so I got sick in under a minute in downtown Austin. We spent some time in an awesome Comic and Games shop and I recuperated there for awhile before we headed back up to Garland. We made another pit-stop at the Czech Stop to pick up kolaches for Mom, SIL's Mom, and some for step-bro and SIL to enjoy for themselves.

All in all it was an awesome day, and I spent all of yesterday resting, sleeping, and drinking lots of fluids to recover.

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