Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Juggling cats.

The other day, I'm not sure exactly when, Mom misheard an analogy as "juggling cats" which feels unfortunately rather accurate.

I'm currently trying to find local doctors, schedule appointments, and get ready for school all at once and it's kind of a lot to do at one time. I'm feeling overwhelmed.

I've contacted a local group that works with the LGBT community but I think my initial message was confused, as the response I got was about putting me on a wait list to be seen for hormone replacement therapy, which is about seven years too late. I'm just trying to find a new primary care physician before my prescriptions run out. I'm running into walls. I am so very very tired as a result and my body is not letting me sleep properly.

Today I fell asleep at Mom's office, in a chair down in the foyer. Tuesday is knit night, and I ride with Mom to her work place and hang out in the foyer until we pick up Faythe in Arlington after work and head over to knit night. Today I had a migraine, and my body decided I needed sleep, so I fell asleep in public which is actually a huge phobia of mine. I'm terrified that someone will either hurt me or rob me.

And now it's about 4am and I am wrung out. I want to sleep but I don't know if I can or for how long.

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