Sunday, August 28, 2016

Happy 11th Anniversary Ro!

Ro is 11 tomorrow, August 29th. Eleventh anniversary baby! So I did a kind of silly but hopefully cute photostory. Many of my doll props and furniture are still in storage with Osaka so I have like.. what you see and a handful of tiny things on hand to use.

Ro: *typing*

Elli: What's with all the pillows on the bed? Or rather, why did you drag out your baby bed and set it up?

Ro: Orion got me a birthday present, and said it would be a pet. I'm hedging my bets it will need somewhere to sleep.
Elli: What, like a puppy? You could have put some pillows on the floor for a puppy.

Elli: .... *stares at bed*

Elli: Wait, is that the electric blanket? What is it wrapped up around? Electric blankets aren't safe for pets!

Ro: Calm down, it's an egg. I'm incubating it. I don't put off enough heat to just curl up with it, and Orion is keeping an eye on things.

Orion: Eggs need heat. The blanket is set on low heat and I won't let it get too hot.

Elli: You do know that pets make LOUSY birthday gifts right? Also what kind of pet comes in an egg that size?!
Ro: Exotic pets. Don't worry about it.

~Some time later~

Ro: You are the first humanoid anything I've seen come from an egg. I don't know how I'm going to explain a child as a pet..

Child: ...

Ro: Don't worry, I'll think of something. You're not going anywhere little one. <3 br="">

I'm pondering a new look for Earnán. I've changed out his eyes and will play with wigs and think about faceups once I have all my stuff on hand again. I'm tempted to grab a wig off someone else and see how I like him as a blond. He may not stay Earnán, or even the same gender. He's still a Phoenix I think, so same creature, different look is not out of the realm of possibility.

Anyway, 11 years ago, my first BJD came home, and last year I made a point of making sure he was back on a body by his 10th anniversary but then I was sick a bunch so.. no photos happened.

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