Monday, August 22, 2016

Clearing dead wood.

I occasionally listen to my Mother. More than occasionally if I'm honest. I have been blocking people on facebook left, right, and sideways recently for all kinds of reasons, trolling, racists, extremists of any kind who will not stop, etc.

A moment ago I saw something hilarious on facebook that I wanted to repost but hesitated because it would have been obvious who I meant and that person for complicated reasons was on my list. So I removed them. I mean at first I just said, yeah I can't post it because THAT person would see it, and Mom asked "Well why do you have them on your friendslist anyway? You really should remove them, so you can say what you want to say if you want to." Something in that vein, I don't think that's verbatim. So, I did.

I don't think I can block their email without losing old conversations that I need to keep (contain sensitive information), but I can make my life a whole lot easier.


In completely unrelated news I have finally taken a breath and re-surfaced. I have been mostly offline for weeks, posting from phone between DOING THINGS and scrambling. Now that I have missed the fall deadline I can actually breathe, and worry about getting things in properly for spring on a more reasonable timeline.

I will try to read back and catch up on what's going on. I can view LJ and blog from phone when I have wifi so I've tried to read and keep up but may have missed things. I apologize. I have missed you my friends and I intend to be more active for awhile.


Current rotation for the Hogwarts knitting group is coming to a close so I am working on other projects and finishing up knitting in progress in hopes of submitting before close this Friday. I only submitted two projects this rotation but I'm still active so that's better than I've been doing in general.


I miss my dolls. Like they are right in front of me, and I have yarn for knitting, and I have ALL MY MEDS OH MAN, I'll get into that in a minute, but in theory I actually have energy to make for my dolls and photograph and stuff and I am excited about that.

I think I may be re-character-ing Innis's Littlefee form into someone else. I love him and he isn't quite right for my dragon. I don't know who he'll be, but there are Fae in The Forest so I'll come up with something. I could make him related to Crunchy if I wanted to, as his family is HUGE. Younger brother or something. I want a greenish wig for him, golden eyes, and a new faceup I think. Maybe new faceup first and figure out the wig and eyes later.


Medicine/Health etc. So, Mom found me a new primary physician that we think will work out well. I also have new provisional contacts (and have had for two weeks tomorrow), and I will be seeing a dentist for a checkup tomorrow. I have all my medication for the next month and a doctor whom I can see as needed for anything that comes up.

I have imitrex again (I had run out) and while I've had a flurry of migraines since I came to Texas between heat and air pressure differences, they are FINALLY settling down now I've got my meds right again and am not stressing about that as much. I had been using a backup as needed medication that I was prescribed in case the imitrex didn't work out, and now I can use them both off and on so that I don't build up a tolerance to either AND have a supply for the whole month between them.


I think that is everything. Whoof. No school until Spring, have doctor, have contacts, have knitting, continuing decompression. I've also fully come OUT of my manic swing through the mixed state, swung into a depressive state very briefly and am currently actually stable. Fingers crossed that stays for more than a few days. I am rapid-cycling so who knows what the future brings.

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