Tuesday, August 16, 2016

One more step in the right direction.

Holy cow. It looks like everyone is having a hell of a month.

I had some positive stuff this morning. My mother has been kindly covering medical costs for me while I get settled and we determine if I CAN work and school at the same time, cause that is what tanked my health last year.

This morning I had my first appointment with who will be my primary care physician. He had reasonable questions about why I am taking my particular cocktail of medications, listened, checked blood pressure, and was impressed by the weird little things I do to try to balance health and life.

He is content for the moment to help me continue my medications, and wants reasonable bloodwork to see if anything needs tweaked. It was a little discombobulating to do my speaking quickly explaining because anxiety and see a doctor actually visually tuned in paying attention.

Hesitantly I want to trust him which is the opposite of most I of my medical experiences.

So, with this and my exam last Thursday I'm closer to having my health in hand. I am still twisting in the wind about school but there is only so much I can do.

When I woke yesterday, I was completely disconnected. I interacted only if repeatedly prodded and only understood a fraction of what was communicated. I'm not sure Mom has ever seen my like that but I know they happen from time to time. I just wake up completely disconnected from reality flailing in any attempts to interact with people.

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