Saturday, March 30, 2013

Does anyone else remember when I only had three?

So, I did get all of my dolls together for a group shot.. as I was losing daylight. e_e;; So it's kind of a blurry sloppy mess.

I will share anyway! I'm hoping to try again tomorrow while there is plenty of daylight. If I'm feeling adventurous I may attempt to get ALL the BJDs in the house together: mine, Osaka's, and Ringo's. :]

That may be challenging from posing logistics, and also because all of Ringo's confiscated toys are in the livingroom, which is the only place there's room to spread and pose the dolls. e_e

Anyhow here we are:

Because I was in a hurry to get the last of the daylight, they're not posed as particularly as I might like. There are dolls who should be next to each other, some who should never be next to others, and some who have specific seating needs based on poseability.

Oh but this is actually EVERYBODY I own, not counting like.. parts. Innes isn't in there cause he's just an unpainted faceplate at the moment. I'm hoping to remedy that soon. Ro needs a new faceup too..

23 full dolls, 3 SDs, 7 MSD, 13 Tinies. I am counting Little Juniors and Narsha as Tinies per DOA standards, even though I consider them minis.

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