Saturday, March 16, 2013

Not quite settled on a name.

It appears that Avery(?), my Souldoll Lune is a nudist. He refuses to sit or pose properly while clothed but can hold any pose like a dream while nude, and the clothing is not tight or binding, so I don't think it's reducing actual mobility.

Right now I have him in a loose stretchy t-shirt and pajama pants and he looks like he's trying to pull them both off:

I had pulled off his shirt to try the automail arm I bought on him. It fits but the poseability is not as good as his proper arm. Then his pants came untied (cause they are drawstring, not elastic) and all of a sudden he was posing easier, and standing better. e_e;;

I'm loving this gorgeous muscled body. It's so pretty, and it stands and sits really well. I have to have him slouching a bit or he wants to throw himself backwards. He's tossed his wig at least a half-dozen times this evening, but I think that's cause it's a 9/10, and he needs an 8/9.

That'll happen later, while I figure out what clothes I can realistically get him to wear. Anything he won't I can have on hand for future big boys. He's the first who's looked comfortable in the bright green pajamas.

In non-doll stuff, I have my 8k run in the morning. I'm hoping to finish in the two hours allotted. The walk to Landstown Commons (the shopping center I frequent) is about 2 miles, and I can walk that in between 35 and 45 minutes depending on fatigue, the shoes I'm wearing, etc. So my hope is that I will be able to walk the 5 miles in the 2 hours allotted, fairly comfortably.

I'll be wearing athletic shoes, athletic shorts, and two shirts (one longsleeved) cause it'll be chilly in the morning but I won't want a jacket for it. I will ask someone to take a picture of me with the co-workers also walking/running it. :]

They've given us a longsleeved shirt, a small lightweight drawstring backpack, and a map (that is also a 2013 calendar) for the run. I will also have my inhaler, my phone, and my waterproof camera. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, starting from about when the race is due to finish.

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