Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I've had a couple of not so fun days back to back at work. I'm someone who really tries to find the silver lining even in the worst of situations but some things really get under my skin. One of those is unexpected change, another is violation of privacy. I've had both!

Yesterday I had go to Customer Service training outside of the store. I traveled with coworker and that was mostly fine. It was mostly common sense stuff, and emphasizing store policy without actually using those words, when dealing with customers. Some of that really doesn't apply to Amazon sales, but plenty is still relevant to online sales.

So I went to that, and then came back to the store for the rest of my shift.. to my office door ajar. For Loss Prevention reasons, my office is to remain locked if I am not IN the office. No one is supposed to go into the office except for myself and Management.

I can't go into the specific details, but upon checking the security camera, it was verified that at least one person removed items from the room, and there were multiple entries of people into the office while I was not there, by non-management staff. 

I have noticed several things over the last few weeks, items out of place on my desk, the restroom door (private only accessible to my office) open, toilet seat left up, to name a few. None of which should be happening since no one is supposed to come in or out of the office except to turn on and off the lights. The light switch in my office turns on the last set of lights for the whole building. The closing or opening manager is supposed to enter and turn on or off those lights as part of the closing tasks.

The store manager and I reviewed the security cameras for the last several days and saw who entered, who messed around with my desk, and we suspect the person who left the office open yesterday, has been abusing key privileges for some time.

In addition to work shenanigans, I had another huge change to my schedule yesterday evening, in running Ringo to doctor's appointment. It wouldn't have been a bad thing on it's own, but combined with work shenanigans, I was pretty stressed out by the time we went.

It went smoothly because Osaka wrote down a list of questions and comments for me to read to the Dr, and he listened and helped, but since I've never been back there with her, or Ringo I felt a bit awkward. I've never spoken with his Doctor before and being around Psychiatrists* always puts me on edge.

*I've been in and out of therapy since I was very young, and I always feel like I'm under the microscope when I enter a Therapist's office, regardless of whether they are a Psychiatrist or Psychologist.

That said, I am doing well NOW. Osaka made tacos for dinner and it was great. It feels like I spend all week waiting for the weekend, and then it's over so fast. This week has been both fast and painfully slow, and I just want it to be over.

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