Saturday, March 30, 2013

I need soothing music, peace, and quiet.

So Ringo has been a total jerk for three days running. He's being quiet for now, but still pretty sulky. I know part of it is, his being eleven, but that doesn't make it easier when he pokes the bear.

The last three mornings, asking him to get dressed and/or take his medicines have prompted EPIC MELTDOWN TANTRUMS. This morning it was over a Hot Cross Bun.

Yesterday and today he said some particularly hateful things, very intentionally, causing me to re-classify him as a bully.

Ringo is USUALLY a very sweet, kind, loving boy. He's a joy to spend time with, smart, funny, genuinely caring, generous with his time, attention, and affection.

Some days though he reacts poorly and it so SO hard to be a grownup and try to let things roll off my back.

This morning in particular when he repeated some choice words, and made accusations I was furious. After his tantrum yesterday morning he'd written an apology letter promising to change his behavior, apologizing, and going on to say that I was an awesome friend. I apologized to him in return for losing my temper.

His tantrum this morning, he made that apology a lie, repeated every single unkind thing he'd said, added more, including accusing me of lying, and aggressively tried to place blame on me for a legitimate misunderstanding.

I then had to leave for work. I cried. I cried alot. I turned my music up, and I did my work, but I cried all day.

I love that boy, he is like a son or a little brother to me, and I try so hard to be patient and to be loving, and understanding when he has difficulties, but he's not a baby anymore. He's not a little kid anymore. He is now a preteen bully.

He has lost privileges to TV, movies, video games, and over half his toys, all in two days. I think we might have gotten through to him this afternoon, but we (his mother and I) emphasized that we can't trust him anymore.

My feelings are still hurt, but I'm trying to let it go, and focus on helping him to correct his behavior in a supportive way.

I think I will maybe try to get my dolls together and take a group photo now that everyone is one bodies and faceupped (except Innes).

Happy Easter Everyone.

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