Sunday, March 17, 2013

I "ran" in an 8k! Also completed my first doll mod.

Yesterday I ran the 8k. There are pictures all over facebook, but for those of you who aren't over there, here are the before and after group shots.

Before we even started, I fell and skinned my knees. I didn't fall again throughout the 8k, so I guess I was just getting it out of the way.

I did finish just barely in the 2 hours allotted, but my time was closer to 1:45. We were queuing to run 15 minutes into the started clock, and they had us in the last corral. I walked for the majority of it, ran maybe a full mile, not all at once.

My co-workers ran for most of it, or walked at a much quicker pace. I kept pace with them for 3/4 of a mile before I fell back, needing my inhaler. When I reached the 2 mile point I ran for a half mile or so, to catch up with the nearest group of people, and kept pace with a couple of them until the finish line.

At mile 3 or so it started raining in earnest, and the temperature dropped about 5 degrees. At the finish line I was soaked, the wind was blowing pretty hard, and there was a cross breeze off the ocean. I wanted desperately to get somewhere warm and dry, but that didn't happen until we left about an hour after. One of my co-workers had her son running in the Operation Smile Final Mile, and we had to wait for him to finish before we all left.

Today I am sore, but I feel really good. My knees are tight and tender, but it's the bruising and the muscles rather than the abrasions. My ankles and thighs are also stiff and tight. I stretched really well before the 8k but it's still way more walking/running than I do in an average day.

And in doll news, I sat down and did the eye opening on the Fairyland Littlefee Vampire Rolly faceplate I purchased. I want to say this was an event faceplate but I'm not sure when exactly it was made.

I took before, during, and complete photos.

I liked the look before I opened them further, but I couldn't get ANY pair of eyes to set the way I wanted them to, so I opened them just a bit more. I was trying to get a shape similar to what Starshine has, so I used him for reference, since his lower lid was already the same shape.

I've never done any mods an any of my dolls before so I was a bit nervous, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. This faceplate will become my little water dragon Innes. I now need a normal-skin Littlefee body for him. He will also be getting some horns and such, but I haven't pinned down exactly how I want to do those yet.

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend!

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