Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Please forgive feet, pajamas etc in the following photos. @_@;;

I got my Souldoll Lune head back in April or May of 2008. I don't think I ever actually announced buying him or anything. @_@ I know I had him before Robbie, but it was like, within a month or two. I don't even remember who I bought him from now, and they didn't leave me feedback on my thread on Den of Angels so.. It is a mystery!

Anyhow when FunnyLori put up her Souldoll Asiter I pounced.. Well not pounced so much as fretted and asked if she could hold him about two weeks till I got paid again. e_e She kindly agreed, and so I now have BOTH of my first SD dolls complete with bodies.

I stared at that beautiful "korean" writing for a minute before I realized I had the box turned the wrong way...

I can't tell you how excited I was to see an original Souldoll box. They are so pretty!

The pillows are blue with beautiful doily looking flowers on them! XD


Hey there! You're a pretty thing on a big beefy body. <3 br="">
It took me several minutes to fight the s-hook out of the Asiter head before I could get the Lune head on the body. I can tell he was re-strung strung recently as the elastic is nice and tight but gives to pressure.

I was amazed at how that pinhead fits on that big beefy body and still looks pretty natural.

I've had that green outfit and red wig since 2007 when I was hoping to buy a Chiwoo. :B The outfit was from a swap made specifically for the Chiwoo I was saving for. I think the money I set aside ended up going to bills or something, since that was way back when I was married to Nick. The bluegreen eyes I'd bought ended up in Rowan.

I got the box opened, and the doll mummy JUST free of the bubblewrap, when Osaka announced that she needed to go to the Urgent Care Clinic. BFF's health trumps box opening. It was about 4pm when we left the apartment, and about 7pm when we got back.

She was right to be concerned. She has worked herself into a terrible state of dehydration, which we thought was just exhaustion. She needed IV fluids, and they gave her the max amount they can safely give for a short visit, before cautioning care and fluids and the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet for the next couple of days.

She is okay NOW. Resting, re-hydrating, and with strict orders to watch her fluid intake. She's the sort of person who always has something she's drinking when she's at home or out and about, but because she's doing daycare, she can't always have a mug of tea, or a glass of water on hand like she does at home.

Ringo was a champ and looked after the dogs while Osaka and I took taxi's back and forth to the clinic and then pharmacy. He was afraid he'd made her sick, cause he had a bug earlier this week. :(

And back to doll stuff, after seeing Asiter in person, I think I will probably give the head to Osaka. It's a lovely sculpt, but more her style than mine. And she always needs more heads in Headquarters. :P

The only dolls of mine that need bodies now, are the Littlefee faceplate I picked up to become Innis (my water dragon, connected with Doran, Starshine, and Moonbeam), and possibly the unicorn Shale head. Neither is a huge priority yet.

And as for Souldoll Lune, I'm not sure exactly who he is yet, but I look forward to finding out. :] I now have three SD dolls complete, and clothing for one. e_e I had better get sewing. I'll need to figure out what kind of shoes Lune will want/need. I have ALL the sewing to do. I haven't properly sewn for any of the dolls I've purchased since I started working to buy them. =_=;;

By the way, it's worth noting that of all the doll transactions I've had in the last month, this was by far the smoothest, tying perhaps with the girl I purchased my SD10 body from. Well packed, great communication, desirable extras(!) just an overall great transaction. <3>

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