Monday, April 1, 2013

Lune has a name! And other doll ramblings.

My Souldoll Lune has settled into a name. I knew it was an A name but I was getting conflicting feelings. I tested Avery and it felt right, but what I actually settled on was Adam Everett Avery. I don't know why but I've mulled it over for several days now and that seems like the best and most appropriate choice. :] I may flip-flop between calling him Adam and Avery.

Now I just need to find some shoes that fit him. I ordered a pair of blue tennis shoes from Mint on Card, and while I can squeeze his feet into them, they're not a great fit. The shoes are warped after one wear. I may try the black Ajumapama tennies I have, that Rowan has claimed. I can get more black tennies for him, but those Souldoll BOATS are bigger than SD13 feet, longer, thicker, wider in the heel, and the toe.

If you know of anywhere that makes good solid tennis shoes about 9cm in length please let me know. His feet are super-cramped in an 8.5cm shoe. I'm willing to spend a more for good quality shoes. The cheapy tennies were more out of convenience than frugality.

I'm still not sure what kind of clothing to make for him. Sometimes it takes me a long time to figure out what clothes suit the character, and I'm still feeling him out. I just don't want him stuck in pajamas forever. I think I will make or purchase some shorts for him, and make a tank top to show off those muscles. Maybe I can find one of the Iplehouse ones on the Den of Angels marketplace.. He's built like an SID. His feet are about the same size, going on the measurements listed at Iplehouse.

Also need to find a wig that fits. I love the color and style of the red wig he's wearing but it's just too big, he keeps throwing it off any time I adjust his position.

Luckily Amelia (Manabu girl) has been far less fussy. I had some stuff on hand she looks lovely in, and I ordered her a cute pair of shoes from Mint on Card with Avery's shoes, and eyes for Innes and Robbie. It was a small but necessary order.

Robbie looks fantastic with these eyes. It's too late and dark for pictures today but I will try to give Robbie some love tomorrow with the camera. :] He looks more like me with these much lighter eyes, than he did with the green-hazels which are truer to my actual color.

I'm not sure about Finn. I mean I like him, and he's not going anywhere but I'm not sure he's going to stay Finn. His faceup (which is beautiful) is all wrong for the character, and the weather is too finicky for re-faceupping at the moment. The high was in the low 50's Sunday, wet, cool, and up to almost 70 Monday by 4pm. Ugh. I'll sort him out after I've got Avery, and Amelia clothed.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. :]

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