Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Swanky Watches

Awhile back I got a Bose ipod speaker dock with auxiliary port to use with my phone and MP3 player, from work. Then I finally got it set up and realized that there is A) no room in our room for it, and B) I use headphones at home anyway. I let it sit there for maybe a week before I decided NOPE.

So I took it back in today and exchanged it for store credit, which I then used to get two watches from work. We get in lots of nice watches, but they don't tend to sell quickly if they're priced over $100, so sometimes there are some real steals.

In this case I bought what were originally $800 watches, for about $60 apiece, after my employee discount (store priced for $79.99). They both go for about $200 used in similar condition online.

The first is the Sturling Nemo MC which is in nearly perfect condition. It has one blemish at the top, but that's it. I bought this one outright.

The second is the Sturling Raven Diablo which IS in perfect condition. I put that one on layaway with the rest of the store credit, and it's about half paid off.

I've been looking for the right dress watch, and the first one is gorgeous and brown and would be awesome for something psuedo-steampunk. The second would also look great with that, and also with any non casual outfit I might care to wear.

I also bought my G-shock at work ($30 after employee discount), which is the Red G-lide. It's small and comfortable, and waterproof up to 30 feet which is great for summer/beach wear. That one I purchased at the beginning of the year when my Mossimo's wrist strap broke at work.

I've gotten some really great deals buying things gently used (or new in box) at work, over the year and some I've been there. I don't spend willy nilly, but I do enjoy nice things, and I REALLY enjoy getting nice things inexpensively.

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