Monday, December 10, 2012

Huge Step, I'm Nervous

So, I've finally contacted a plastic surgeon in regards to top surgery. They don't specifically list what I want to do, but I sent an inquiring e-mail. I'm nervous, but I've been putting this off for at least a year now. I was nervous before I started testosterone too.

Surgery is a big deal, but I do feel that it is truly necessary for the quality of my life to improve, since no matter how much weight I lose, breasts don't just go away like love handles can.

I also realize that because I am still on the heavy side, they may decline to perform surgery yet, but if I don't try to schedule a consult, I will never know.

I wanted to have this done, the finding a surgeon, pinning down numbers, maybe even all healed up, by the time I hit 30. If it's less than I expect, that is still possible. I have about 8 months till then. I can use Care Credit for part of it, I just need to pay that down. I'm hoping it will be somewhere in the $1000-$3000 range. That's something I can plan for. If it's more than that, then I just can't do it yet.

Something else to consider is that I will have medical insurance as of January 1st, and I MAY be able to have some of the cost covered, if this is a doctor willing to help me fight that battle. Plastic surgery is a hard thing to get covered, but if it's deemed medically necessary, or to correct something causing health issues, you can sometimes get away with it.

The doctor I've contacted is local too, so I wouldn't have to worry about traveling to another state (or country) and all that goes in hand with that. His practice is right here in Virginia Beach, and if he doesn't want to do it, there is actually a large Plastic Surgeon market locally, so that's not the end of it.

Wish me luck. It is going to take all my nerve to do this, and it is something that I do feel that I need to do. I've thought hard about it for years and always new I wanted a reduction at the VERY least, but the truth is, that I just want them gone.

I've never had any kind of surgical procedure, unless my root canal counts, so I'm nervous about the healing process as well as going under anesthetic, and trusting someone to sculpt my body in the way I need.

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