Friday, December 14, 2012

Spicy buffalo, bacon, black olives LIVES!

This week has sucked. There have been some ups but mostly downs. At this point I am counting down to January.

In the course of the week, I've had a massive panic attack, Really Upsetting News, and been outed at work. Not on the same day, or related to each other.  It's been an all week party, except for the part where it's fun or you want to be there.

There have also been ups. Ringo had his first Strings concert, and I have some photos of him setting his cello up.

I got approval from my Store and Area Managers to leave in late January to early February to visit Mom and Mert (my step-father), and found out that I don't have to scramble for my plane ticket.

I get paid tomorrow and will be finishing a layaway on one of my dream dolls through a friend. I will also be going to my doctor with a list of all my current medications because they have LOST MY MEDICAL RECORDS.

Osaka went to pick up my prescriptions for me today, along with Ringo's meds, and the pharmacy told her that the clinic had no record of such prescriptions for me. Never mind that I've been getting them at that pharmacy for upwards of three years, the same meds, the same dosages.

The clinic that I go to, is under new management with all new staff aside from the doctor, and has a new computer system as well. Apparently they didn't port over all of the medical files from the old system.

I had to go correct that to get my migraine medicine about two weeks ago, and assumed it would be fine from there. No one told me that all records of my medication had been lost. So I get to drag my meds with me to the clinic tomorrow, and hope my doctor will comp this visit for the trouble, because while I do have medical insurance in the works, it won't kick in until January 1st.

Changing notes here, I know I haven't been online much this year. It's been a bad year. The best things that happened were Mom getting married, and me getting my promotion/job shift. My job has continued to be a good thing for me, and Mert is fantastic for Mom. Unfortunately he is dealing with some very serious health issues, and if I want a chance to get to know him, and spend any kind of time making memories with him, I need to do it NOW.

So I will be going to Texas for just shy of two weeks to spend time with them, and anyone else who would like to see me while I'm there. I'm focusing on Mom and Mert, and the family in general, but I would love to get together and have lunch with those of you in the area at some point.

I'll be flying out on January 28th, and returning February 8th, so I can be back in time for Ringo's birthday (Feb 11th). I may be out there again later in the year, but that will depend on work, and other factors.

Touching on the outing. It was at another location. I received an unsolicited e-mail from one of the other Amazon associates, with this under a work-related question:

"BTW-congrats on your trans process. I asked a stupid question today - if "Rory" was a girl or guy. And got my answer. Awesome. Be true to yourself. Good luck!"

This is someone whom I've not met face to face, but we've spoken on the phone, and e-mailed back and forth regarding work. I don't know her personally and have never said anything to her, or anyone at that store (which is in Pennsylvania). I've met the store manager from that store, last year when he was down here during the acquisition meetings.

We had the HR, your business is your own, what constitutes sexual harassment etc meetings then, and again each time someone new is hired. I'm stealth at work. I pass pretty much 100% of the time now, and any customers who might recognize me don't see me, since I have an office in the back, and only come out to drop off packages. They may have thoughts or ideas, but they keep them to themselves, since the co-workers who know shut them down, and the ones who don't know what they're talking about have nothing to say, because THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

The only two people who could have outed me, are my Area Manager, who DIDN'T, and the store manager from the Pennsylvania store, who should have known better. I spoke with my Area Manager today about that first and foremost, then the situation at home in Texas, and then made sure he was aware I'm trying to schedule my chest surgery, and how long I would likely be out for that.

And the title of today's post comes from dinner. We frequently order Pizza and Wings (about once a paycheck) from a local chain called Cal'z Pizza. I get their spicy buffalo pizza with bacon and black olives, every single time. There was a time (when money wasn't as tight) that I ordered a few times a week, same order. I was delighted and speculative about what exactly they meant by "Spicy Buffalo, bacon, b.o. LIVES!"

It's great Pizza by the way.

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